Does Your AC Unit Blow Colder Air on Hot Days?

When it is too hot outside, most of us prefer to stay indoors, turn our air conditioner on, and relax.

Right when we step out the door, we can clearly notice the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Is this because our AC blows colder air on hot days? Or is it just our imagination? It’s the responsibility of our Florida cooling solution to keep us comfortable during those most humid days. But let’s first understand how an AC unit works to begin with.

How Does an AC Unit Work?

First of all, let’s talk about how an AC unit works. The main scientific concept of air conditioning is not about generating coldness and releasing it into the air. Instead, it is all about removing heat from the air to be released into the room.

Inside your indoor unit, there are elements called evaporator and refrigerant. Refrigerant is the liquid element that absorbs heat from your indoor air. As the heat is absorbed, the evaporator coil evaporates the refrigerant from liquid to gas. This process happens in the evaporator coil inside the indoor unit.

After that, the gas refrigerant flows into the compressor in the outdoor unit. It is then compressed with high pressure and moved on to the condenser, which is cooled by a fan. This process releases the heat from the refrigerant to the open air around your outdoor unit. Thus, the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and flows back to the indoor unit.

This process repeats in a continuous cycle as long as you keep your air conditioner unit is on.

So, Does It Blow Colder Air on Hot Days?

Based on the explanation above, we can’t really say that AC blows “colder” air on hot days. An AC unit has a thermostat in order to set the air temperature, so that is the temperature of the air conditioning unit will blow. If you set your AC unit to the same setting as any other day, then your AC will not blow colder air.

However, the AC unit works harder and consumes more energy on hot days than it does on normal days. Your refrigerant needs to absorb more heat so the air can reach its target temperature. Your condenser will also put forth the extra effort to disperse the heat out of the system because the open air is hotter too.

At the end of the month, you will end up with a higher electricity bill in summer, especially if you keep your air conditioner unit on for longer hours when it feels too hot outside.

So to wrap things up, your AC unit can blow colder air on hot days if you adjust your AC temperature. Sometimes people do set their AC to a lower temperature than usual when it is hotter than usual outside. But bear in mind that this will force your AC to work even harder and consume even more energy.

Your AC works the same way regardless of the weather. The indoor temperature is also the same unless you change the settings.

The difference between cold and hot days is how much energy your unit consumes to do its job of delivering cool air into your house. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your air conditioning unit with an AC tune-up for outdoor temperature fluctuations. Maintaining your AC unit will end up prolonging the life of your air conditioning system as well as help keep costs low during hotter than average months. If you haven’t had your AC unit tune-up yet, give us a call at 561-295-1763 or contact us by clicking here.

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