Disinfectant Spray

As more people are becoming increasingly  concerned about cleanliness, disinfectant spray has become a vital thing to have. But due to its large varieties, it might be overwhelming for you to choose which one is ideal for you.  Using the wrong product will not settle your concerns. Hence, you need to know what to check for in the disinfectant spray you want to buy:

  1. The Type of  Pathogen

There are many kinds of pathogens: viruses, bacteria, mold, and many others.  Pay attention to the packaging of each disinfectant spray. You will notice the product always states what kind of pathogen it can fight off. It is unfortunate how many people are trying their best to be safe from coronavirus, yet are buying anti-bacterial disinfectant spray. Indeed, the product will save you from various bacterial inflammation, but it will fail to address the actual issue you were trying to solve.

  1. Surface Materials

Some solvents may react to specific materials. For example, if you use bleach-based disinfectant spray for your wooden furniture, you will end up having whitened spots all over the surface. You can read the label of the product to see what types of surfaces it will work best on. If you have  any doubts, try spraying it on a hidden part of the surface to see if there is any reaction. If it is safe, then you can apply it to the whole surface you need to disinfect.

  1. Contact Time

Each disinfectant has a dwell time, or contact time. This is the duration the solvent takes to kill the pathogens. The surface needs to stay wet within this period, or else the pathogens will survive. If you are busy, try finding a disinfectant spray with a short contact time. And if you can only get one with a long contact time, make sure to respray it before it dries up until  the set period.

  1. Ease of Usage

Some disinfectant spray is easy and quick to use. However, some require you to wear latex gloves, a mask, and goggles because they contain irritative chemicals. Depending on what   you need to disinfect, this factor can be crucial. Ease of usage is not only about how to make it effective in killing microorganisms,  it is also about how to use it with no adverse consequences.

  1. Safety Concerns

There are various disinfectant sprays that use harsh chemicals as their active ingredients. Be sure to check the risk before deciding to buy one. For example, a disinfectant spray with high acid is best not to use in a home, because it can be harmful.  If you choose to buy it anyway,  use precautions and keep it somewhere out of reach.

Using disinfectant spray alone will not be enough to keep away diseases. Maintaining personal hygiene, developing a strong immunity system, and cleaning up your environment regularly are also crucial. It is also important to understand the characteristics of the pathogens you are concerned about so that you can stay vigilant in combating them.

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