How to Disinfect Your Home Against Coronavirus

As the whole world shuts down and everyone hides in the comfort of their own homes, you might be wondering, how do essential workers keep the virus out of their own houses? From individuals serving at fast food drive-thrus to the front-liners who are directly saving lives in the hospital, these workers all sacrifice their time and possibly lives in order to protect people from getting infected.

These tips on how to keep viruses out of your home will surely prove useful for you as well. You may be staying home most of the time, but you still need to go out and run errands every once in a while. Here are the best tips and tricks for how to clean and disinfect your home against coronavirus.

Keeping You and Your Home Clean

 In getting rid of the virus from homes, one must clean any surface that the coronavirus can possibly cling to, like door knobs. House cleaning is a simple task that you might already be doing every day, but there are a few more steps to take, especially during this pandemic.

  • Use gloves while cleaning and disinfecting

Whether reusable or disposable, make sure to protect your bare hands with a pair of gloves. If you opt to use reusable ones, make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and clean them properly after use in order to kill any pathogens that may cling to the glove.

  • Use soap, water, and disinfectants when cleaning surfaces

Secure the cleanliness of your surfaces by cleaning them with soap and water first. Then use a disinfectant after. It’s an extra step that ensures that your counters and tabletops will be completely free of coronavirus. Soap and water removes a portion of any virus on a surface, while disinfectants will kill anything that may be remaining.

  • Clean contact surfaces often

Door knobs, tables, counter tops, handles, keyboards, phones, and other contact surfaces inside the home should be kept squeaky clean, especially if you touch them with your bare hands more often than not.

Disinfecting your home against coronavirus

Aside from regularly cleaning your house, you should be able to disinfect it too. It’s an extra step to take after cleaning, but it surely will have a big impact in slaying any traces of the virus that have found their way indoors.

  • Use EPA-registered household disinfectants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a list of registered disinfectants that are both safe and effective. This list can be found online. Do not forget to read the label instructions on how to use these products as well.

  • You may also use diluted household bleach

If your bleach says it can be used for disinfection, then mix it with an appropriate amount of water. These solutions will be effective for disinfection for up to 24 hours.

  • Clean and replace your HVAC filter

While you’re spending more time at home during the crisis, take the time to check your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit for any impurities by removing its filter and cleaning it or replacing it totally. You may not be able to call licensed professionals to inspect it for you now, but the least you can do is make sure that no nasty pollutants are stuck in your filter.

Remember, a dirty filter can still circulate unsafe air around the house.

During this pandemic, your doors are shut to everyone else, so it’s the best time to clean and disinfect your home while making sure that the virus does not enter your home. Cleaning and disinfecting may be a tedious task, but it’s essential to keep you and your family safe and healthy. As the essential workers are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to protect the community, the best you can do is stay healthy in the comfort of your own home.

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