Different Types of Thermostat

You understand that a thermostat can help you improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system while also maintaining your thermal comfort. But when you decide to buy one, you may be surprised that the prices can range widely from just $25 to thousands of dollars.

Of course, the more expensive a product, the more advantages it can bring. The question is, how expensive should your thermostat be to give you the services that you need? To make that decision, you need to understand the types of thermostats and how each one of them works.

1.   Mechanical

The cheapest thermostat is the mechanical one. Using conventional technology, the adjustments are  done manually. Using this kind of thermostat requires you to keep coming back to the device to readjust the setting to allow your system to work optimally. Not to mention that some units may take more time to process the setting changes.

Even if you are willing to go through the hassle to readjust your thermostat setting from time to time, the results will not be as satisfying as using other types of thermostats.

2.   Programmable

This one is a little bit more advanced than a mechanical thermostat, and there are more benefits. In a programmable thermostat, you can create an automatic setting for when to turn your HVAC on, and what temperature you aim to achieve. Therefore, it can help significantly in suppressing your energy consumption without too much of a hassle.

Some units allow more detailed settings and come with a digital screen for easier monitoring. There might also be several modes that you can use as instant programs. 

3.   Wireless

With a wireless thermostat, you can adjust your HVAC program even if you are not at home. The device usually also has an app where you can monitor your HVAC system’s activities and take control of it as needed. If you don’t have a regular daily schedule or go out a lot, you might want to consider having this type of thermostat rather than the standard programmable unit.

Having this unit installed means you can preheat your bedroom on your way home. Even better, such devices also have several features and modes to make them more effortless in improving energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

4.   Smart Thermostat

Also known as a learning thermostat, a smart thermostat can analyze human behavior and feedback to automatically create an HVAC program that suits your  needs. The product can also detect the changes of the existing temperature to finely adjust the setting for maximum efficiency.

Smart thermostats have plenty of additional features, modes, and advantages in many ways. Sure,  these models are very expensive. Therefore, choosing this unit over other types might not be optimally beneficial for your specific HVAC system.

Most experts recommend investing in at least the programmable thermostat for standard residential units. If you are unsure of which thermostat to buy, these tips should help guide you to a decision. If your budget is limited, of course, you can opt for cheaper alternatives. But that means you need to put in more effort to manage the device so it can give you the most benefits.



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