Complete Guide to Buying a Home Air Cleaner

Indoor air quality plays a big part in a family’s health. And since indoor air is prone to getting stuffy, a home air cleaner could be a clever investment. But since there are many choices of air purifiers, people can get confused when choosing one to buy. So, here are some tips to consider when buying a home air cleaner.

1 – Know the Right Technology

Air cleaners come with many kinds of technologies. Some units even combine two or more systems to deliver better air quality. However, it is vital to understand that each type of technology can only work for a specific type of contaminant. Here are some examples:

● Air filters to capture particulate matters
● UV germicidal induction to destroy viruses, mold, and bacteria
● Photocatalytic oxidation to neutralize gaseous pollutants like odors and smoke

2 – Check the Size

Each air cleaner unit has limitations in the area it can cover. Measure the size of the room you expect to purify and make sure you buy a unit that is the right size. An oversized unit will waste energy, while an undersized unit will fail to clean the air effectively.

3 – Calculate the Cost

You need to calculate not only the initial cost, but also the estimated cost to operate and maintain the air cleaner unit. Most of the time, expensive units are more efficient than the average unit, meaning that it can help you save on operational costs in the long term.

4 – Consider Maintenance

Some units are difficult to clean and maintain, while some others take minimal effort to take care of. Know what you need to do to maintain the unit before you buy it, and make sure you can commit to maintaining it accordingly. Otherwise, your home air cleaner might break sooner than expected.

5 – Choose a Reputable Brand

It is highly advisable to buy appliances only from reputable brands, even though they are typically more expensive. Branded appliances usually offer better performance and longer lifespans. Hence, you end up saving more money and getting cleaner indoor air in the long run.

6 – Warranty

Reputable brands usually have good terms on their warranties. But you should check before purchasing anyway. In addition to the terms and conditions, you also need to know what services they cover and where you need to go to make a claim.

7 – Noise

Home air cleaners make noises when operating. For some people, this could be disturbing. Ask the store employees to turn on all the home air cleaners you are considering buying. Turn them on one at a time so you can compare the amount of noise they each make.

8 – Use Accordingly

Whichever air cleaner you buy, make sure you know how to take care of it. Different units of home air cleaners may demand different treatment. Improper use or maintenance may lead to malfunction or early breakage.

Now that you know what you need to look for, choosing a home air cleaner shouldn’t be a very tricky task. You can also discuss the matter with your HVAC contractor to get a professional recommendation. Don’t be reckless when choosing an air purifier for your house, because it might end up being useless if it doesn’t fit your requirements.

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