Common Air Quality Issues

Voiceless it whispers. Unseen but felt. It flows through mountains and rivers. It’s the breath of life itself.

Now, you don’t need to put on your thinking cap. You have probably already guessed that we are talking about air! Every living organism on this planet relies on a steady supply of oxygen to survive. On good days, the wind can be your invisible friend. But, nowadays, city smog and pollution are evidence of the gradual deterioration in air quality.

The following information will open your eyes to how prevalent air quality issues are, and how important good air quality is for both the world and the future of humanity.

In and Out

Air pollution is commonly found in urban areas. This can include dust, burnt fuel from cars, and the gases emitted by factories. But don’t assume you are safe once you are inside your home. This alarming problem can infiltrate any environment. Indoor safety is compromised by air pollution, especially with poor ventilation. It’s even worse if you smoke or use potentially harmful chemicals and disinfectants. Damp carpets and irregular cleaning routines will also promote fungal and bacterial growth.

Invisible Villain

Unclean air can lead not only to coughs and allergies but can even cost you your life in the long run. The prolonged intake of impure air can cause damage to respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It can age your lungs and shorten your life span. However, it doesn’t only kill people with sedentary lifestyles; it can hurt pregnant women, athletes, and children as well.

Air Quality Issues Are Everywhere

Poor air quality greatly affects less developed communities. People living in those areas are more susceptible to diseases due to hazardous chemicals carelessly dumped on or near their locality. This can lead to higher mortality rates and mild respiratory diseases. Even if you live far away from those areas, you can still get affected because polluted air can spread everywhere and will totally envelop the world if nothing is done about it.

Choking Contaminants

The main contributors to air pollution can surprise you. These pollutants can include common household chemicals. Examples of these are carbon monoxide from outdated air conditioning units, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde from wood and wall furnishings, and insecticides. Your unchecked cars with black soot can also pose a danger.

Global Catastrophe

Air pollution ultimately changes the world you live in. It not only can give you diseases, but it can cause climate change. Left unchecked, the continual spike in air pollutants can lead to ozone depletion, acid rain, prolonged droughts, and the deaths of millions of animal and plant species.

Take action

Despite this entire dilemma, you can start making changes to make the air cleaner. Instead of riding your car, you could ride a bicycle or walk to work or school. You can reduce the amount of trash incineration and the use of too much plastic. You can even use eco-friendly fuels and products.

Pollution has its dark hands extended toward everyone on the planet. It is attacking people regardless of where they live. However, you can help stop this common enemy. You can be more aware of the importance of good air quality and take action by telling your friends and family. The time will come when humanity’s efforts to battle air pollution will pay off and future generations will breathe more freely.

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