Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Nowadays, a good air conditioner is a necessity in every home and establishment. Summers have become hotter and winters have become colder, so investing in an air conditioner is a must. However, your task does not end when you purchase one. You must maintain it well and figure out the best solutions whenever you experience problems. Check out these common air conditioner problems and their solutions:

● AC unit will not turn on

Three parts could have stopped your AC from turning on. First, check if your thermostat’s batteries are dead and replace them if they are. Second, check whether your thermostat’s settings are correct. Once you are sure that the thermostat is not the problem, check if your circuit breaker is tripped. If this is the case, reset it by flicking the switch, and your AC unit should start functioning again.

● Outside unit is freezing up

Although many factors come into play, this is most likely caused by one of the following: insufficient airflow, low outside temperature, low coolant levels, blower motor problems, or a stuck contractor. There is no quick, easy solution to this, since the parts involved are inside the AC, so it is best to call a technician.

● AC unit is not blowing cold air

If your AC unit is not blowing cold air, this is most likely an air filter problem. A dirty air filter will obstruct the entry of cold air from the unit into your room. It can also freeze your condenser unit, causing your AC to work inefficiently. Changing your filter at least once a month should help you avoid this problem.

● AC unit is making hissing noises

Different noises that come from your AC unit can also mean different problems. If you hear a hissing noise, it may indicate a refrigerant leak. This will cause further damage to the compressor, freeze your coils, produce uneven air, and contribute to high power consumption. Make sure to inspect your AC regularly for leaks before it begins making noises.

● You can hear buzzing noises

Often, a buzzing noise is a sign of faulty electrical components. This is dangerous, particularly since it can start a fire or explosion. As soon you notice a noise coming from your AC unit, quickly turn it off and contact an electrician or technician to fix it. Do not try to fix it by yourself.

● Drainage problem

AC units naturally produce water during use. However, if you experience drainage problems, this may be caused by a clogged pipeline. Dust, algae, and dirt can find their way into your drainage system, blocking water on their way out. To prevent or resolve this problem, regularly clean and maintain your drain line, and have it inspected by professionals. Make sure that your AC is mounted properly too.

Air conditioners are expensive appliances. It would cost too much if you had to replace them regularly simply because you didn’t take care of them well. Proper maintenance and inspection will always help you avoid running into common air conditioner problems that may cost more in the long run.

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