Types of Commercial AC Systems

Air conditioning holds a crucial part in a commercial establishment. While business owners have to make sure their facilities provide constant comfort, they also need to make careful cost calculations. It is essential to get the most efficient air conditioner to keep the business running well. Here are some types of commercial AC units that you can consider:

1. Single Split AC

This system consists of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit without any ductwork. It is the most convenient option because you can turn it off, turn it on, or set the temperature differently in each room. However, this system will require quite a lot of space for the outdoor unit, which not many commercial properties have.
A single-split AC system is great for facilities with many separate rooms with different purposes. Hence, you can turn off the AC for the rooms that are not currently in use.

2. Multi-Split AC

A multi-split AC unit is a system where one outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor units through ductwork. It saves a lot more space than a single-split system because you only need one or just a few outdoor units. However, this system can bring about major discomfort if there is a problem with the outdoor unit because then, all the indoor units connected to it will stop working simultaneously.
The multi-split system works best for facilities with many rooms with similar air conditioning requirements. It is also a good option if your property doesn’t have much outdoor space.

3. Rooftop System

A commercial rooftop HVAC unit refers to a packaged system that delivers both heating and cooling for the whole building. The air distribution goes through the ductwork, while the main machine sits on the rooftop.
This rooftop system is more aesthetically pleasing for the building because there is no visible outdoor unit to ruin the view. People inside the building will not be bothered by the sound of the machine. However, not every building has a rooftop that can handle the unit, considering how big and heavy it can be. The installation work may also be difficult and expensive.

4. VRF System

Standing for variable refrigerant flow, a VRF system also handles both heating and cooling. The installation is similar to that of a multi-split system, where one outdoor unit can connect to multiple indoor units.
Business owners like that the system can simultaneously cool one room while also heating another room, without even putting much strain on the machine. This technology is the best option for facilities with different requirements in each room. It is very energy-efficient as well.
Knowing all the pros and cons of every type of commercial AC system can make it easier for you to determine which one is the best option for your facilities. And if you need to calculate the estimated cost, you can contact an HVAC service company near you. A professional company will perform a total inspection on your property before giving you a quote.

ECM – Commercial AC pros

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