Choosing the Right Home Disinfectant Spray

Coronavirus – a strain of virus that wiped out millions of lives in just a year. As much as people wanted to enjoy things as they were, this so called “new normal” became the trend.

This trend will continue as long as the virus is still around.

Unconsciously, part of the new normal (for some people) is developing OCD in cleaning and disinfecting. Given the circumstances that people are in, having such a grave obsession in this capacity is justifiable.

All people want is to make sure that everyone is safe, and that everything is corona-free.

Of course, the development of OCD comes with a trusted weaponry for cleaning and disinfection. With a lot of products in the market, people are having a hard time choosing the best weapon of defense. Here’s a rundown of things you should consider before buying home disinfectant spray:

1. Efficacy

The world’s total death toll for coronavirus currently stands at 1.8 million. This is equivalent to the current total population of West Virginia. When choosing a disinfectant spray, the top most concern should be focused on the effectiveness in killing microbes. Look for disinfectant sprays that meet the AOAC efficacy standards for hospital aerosol disinfectants. This way you know that the disinfectant spray is actually effective.

2. Killing Time

As microbes multiply in a matter of nanoseconds, killing time is important. Disinfectant sprays are not designed to have equal killing time. Some may take about a 5 minutes. Some may be even longer. If the disinfectant covers 10 minutes of killing time, the surface shouldn’t be wet for long.

3. Protection

Most disinfectant sprays contain harsh chemicals and unfriendly odors. Checking the flammability and toxicity of the disinfectant spray can help you decide on what to buy. Make sure that the disinfectant spray is surface-friendly. You don’t want to protect something while simultaneously destroying it.

4. Convenience

There are disinfectant sprays that require multiple procedures of application. This can be quite the hassle. The faster the spray can be used, the more convenient it is. Also, there are disinfectant sprays that target specific strains of pathogens and microbes. Look for a disinfectant spray that deals with a wide array of microbes and pathogens in various set ups.

5. Type of Disinfectant

There is a wide array of disinfectants in the market. This is because of the varying chemical compounds present in the spray. The Corona virus is considered an emerging pathogen. This will give you an idea of which disinfectant to use. Experts suggest Quaternary Ammonium Compounds or Quats. They are great at eliminating emerging pathogens.

Being knowledgeable and, quite frankly, a little picky in choosing the best disinfectant spray, is a part of being a wise consumer. You don’t want to spend a couple of bucks for an inefficient spray. These considerations will lead you to the right weapon. This may take time but you have to be patient. Choosing the right weapon for disinfecting can save you time and effort in killing harmful pathogens. At the same time, you can enjoy surprise visits without worrying too much.

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