Which Central Air Company Brand Should You Choose?

Which central air company brand should you choose? Well, there are many details to consider when buying a central air system for your house. Although the requirements for capacity and prices may differ from one house to another, the brand should not be compromised. Buying your HVAC system from a highly-reputable central air company can save you from unforeseen challenges in the future. Here are some of the reliable brands:

1. Lennox

The well-known brand has been in the HVAC business since 1895 and is a market leader until now. Lennox has a strong commitment to sustainable living by making all of its central air systems with the utmost efficiency. It significantly reduces your monthly bills. The operations of Lennox units are also pretty silent, although not the quietest in the market.

2. American Standard / Trane

American Standard Company acquired the brand Trane in 1984. Both brands use the same parts, which are highly durable. Their AC units are reliable and run steadily for a long period, and even in harsh weather. The company offers its products in a wide range of SEER levels, making it possible to get one within your budget. Maintenance is pretty easy and affordable.

3. Maytag / Frigidaire

Nortek Global is a central air company that owns both Maytag and Frigidaire. Both brands have identical AC models and the same price. Their compressors feature an inverter technology that delivers precise cooling and minimum fluctuation with low energy consumption. The systems also are incredibly silent to keep your family comfortable.

4. Carrier / Bryant / Heil

International Comfort Product company owns the brands of Carrier and Bryant, and its subsidiaries own the brand Heil. Carrier and Bryant have similar models and prices, while Heil is slightly cheaper. All the brands offer a warranty of 10 years with a replacement option for any compressor failure. But when it comes to quietness, Carrier excels more than any other brand because it can go as low as 29 dB.

5. Amana / Goodman

Goodman owns Amana after purchasing the brand in 1997, and Daikin then purchased the company in 2012. Both brands are known to have the best overall value. It has all the vital traits; durability, efficiency, reliability, quietness, ease of installation, and more. However, none of these traits are ranked the best in the market. Amana is more expensive because it offers a longer warranty, which can go up to a lifetime, while Goodman only covers up to 10 years.

6. Rheem

Rheem is a high-value brand that sometimes gets underestimated. Their units are fairly more affordable than any other reputable brand. You can still enjoy the important traits such as efficiency and ease of installation. They also have sleek designs and silent operation, which can be great for small houses.

Most reputable central air companies have a wide variety to cater to various needs. It will not be difficult to get one model that meets your requirement. It will help if you do your research extensively to collect more options, especially those from these top brands.

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