How to Avoid Voiding Your AC Warranty

Warranties for your air conditioner are extremely important when dealing with AC repairs or any other system problems. Especially during the warm summer months in the Boynton Beach area, having a well-functioning AC unit is vital. And when system problems happen, warranties can save you from a costly repair or whole new system replacement, which can cost you thousands. However, it isn’t always easy to ensure you’re still covered under your warranty. There are usually many hoops to jump through and checklists that you must follow. But by understanding the conditions of your warranty, and making sure you’re staying up to standards, will give yourself the greatest chance of keeping your warranty valid. If you have questions about how these warranties work or if you want to schedule AC service, give our professionals at East Coast Mechanical a call. Since 1985, we’ve helped thousands of residents in the Boynton Beach, FL area with all of their comfort needs. Wondering how to avoid voiding your AC unit’s warranty? Check out these tips:

Keep Service Records

Throughout the life of your air conditioner, you may have an AC repair, maintenance, tune-up, or any other service completed at one time or another. To keep your warranty valid, it’s vital that you keep proof of these services. Receipts and invoices are great documents to keep when dealing with a claim, so it’s vital that you have these documents handy. By not having proof of AC service throughout the life of your system, you could, unfortunately, miss out on any coverage from your warranty. This is a common mistake many homeowners make after purchasing a new AC unit. In the event that you have to file a claim with the manufacturer, they will immediately ask for documentation of the installation and any service performed by a licensed HVAC contractor. If you’ve lost any of these documents, you may be out of luck.

Get Your System Installed By a Licensed HVAC Contractor

Another common mistake that voids the warranty of your system involves the installation. Although it may be cost-effective to have your new air conditioner installed by your friend down the street or a cheap “professional” you found on the internet, doing so could put your system’s warranty at risk. More often than not, a warranty will only be valid if a reputable, licensed HVAC contractor installed it. It’s crucial that you make sure this HVAC professional is licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, many manufacturers require that a professional HVAC company handles the installation. If that’s not the case, your warranty could be invalid. Although it may save you hundreds to go with a cheaper source, you could risk losing your warranty. In addition, hiring a professional usually results in increased indoor comfort levels and greater energy-efficiency.

Register Your Warranty

One of leading mistakes for losing out on your air conditioner warranty is when you forget to register it in the first place. Although it’s not always made clear, these manufacturer warranties usually have to be registered within a certain timeframe after the installation is completed. Whether it’s 30 days or 90 days, it’s vital that you register your equipment before it’s too late. Although it may seem like a pain to immediately register your AC unit, doing so can help prevent a costly repair or system replacement down the road. Have questions about how to register? Not sure if your system is covered? Give East Coast Mechanical a call today! We can tell you how to register your air conditioner and we also offer professional assistance to help determine if your equipment is still under warranty.

Only Use Parts from the Original Manufacturer

If you’re wondering if your air conditioner’s warranty is still valid, consider any service that you’ve had since the installation. If you’ve had any AC service, it’s imperative to understand which parts were used. Typical manufacturer warranties will only work if your system uses parts from the original manufacturer. If you know you’ve had an AC repair using aftermarket parts, or if you’ve done some DIY work on your system using off-brand replacement parts, you could be dealing with a voided warranty. If you’re not sure what parts were used on a system repair or service, check your receipts, invoices, or any other documents from the service visits. Still not sure? Give us a call for a quick and painless air conditioner inspection. We can tell you all about what parts are used in your unit and if you’re still covered under warranty.

Keep Up With AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is something most homeowners forget about year after year. Since it’s sometimes a hassle dealing with a new air conditioning installation, many people forget about the importance of AC maintenance. And if your beloved AC unit is still under warranty, neglecting maintenance could mean voiding your warranty. As most manufacturer warranties only cover parts, it’s up to you to keep them in the best shape possible. If you file a claim for a defective part, a licensed contractor will inspect your system to ensure that the problem wasn’t caused by the homeowners (or previous service technician’s) wrong-doing. If the inspector sees any indication of poor maintenance, the warranty may be voided. In fact, many manufacturers will require a maintenance visit at least once a year to qualify for coverage.

Need Help? Give Us a Call

If you have questions about AC warranties or if you want to schedule AC maintenance service, give East Coast Mechanical a call today. We have a long history of providing incredible heating and air conditioning services to residents in Boynton Beach, FL and surrounding areas. We even offer extended warranties for your AC unit! In addition to the manufacturer warranty that comes with your new AC system, we offer extended warranties to keep you protected. Whether you want coverage for parts or any services completed on your system, we have many excellent options to choose from. Check out our home warranty solutions today!

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