Are Home Warranties Worth It?

Imagine its winter and you and your family are comfortably relaxing in the living room. All of a sudden the heater shuts off and will not turn on. Thankfully, your home warranty includes coverage for your heater. So what is a home warranty, you ask? A home warranty is a yearly service contract for your house systems and appliances.

Even with proper care and handling, over time, the home appliances will eventually break down. The appliances that you use regularly, like your heating and air conditioning systems, are even more prone to these damages. Those occasional repairs can be costly and frustrating. A home warranty protects you and your home from these unnecessary and unprecedented stresses.

Home Warranty Is Good For Your Home Insurance

Aren’t they the same? Whilst both protect you and your home, a home warranty and home insurance are not the same. If a burglar breaks into your house and steals your air conditioner, then your home insurance will cover your air conditioner. If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, then your home warranty will cover your air conditioning.

Simply put, home insurance covers damages brought about by unexpected events like fires and burglary, while a home warranty covers damages brought about by aging and long term use. Homeowners with mortgage loans are required to purchase home insurance, while a home warranty is optional.

For optimal financial protection, home insurance works best with a home warranty. For example, your bathroom faucet has a leak, floods your house, and damages some parts of your house. Your home insurance company might pay for the damages caused by the leaking faucet, but will not pay for the repair costs of fixing your faucet – your home warranty might.

What Does Home Warranty Cover?

Home warranty companies offer different home warranty plans and programs. Generally, it covers repair and replacement services for major home appliances and system components like:

● Jacuzzis and pools
● Bathtubs
● Ceiling fans
● Plumbing services
● HVAC systems
● Washers and dryers
● Stoves
● Refrigerators
● Electrical wiring and infrastructure
● Air conditioners

Homeowners can buy a home warranty plan that fits their needs. Some plans offer optional add-on coverage for other appliances and house systems not specified in the chosen plan.

Before you sign a home warranty contract, always take the time to read its fine print. Remember that home warranties cover specific appliances and home systems, so you need to take note of what is covered and what is not. Review the payment requirements, terms, and conditions of the contract. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask questions or clarifications from the manufacturer.

Although home warranties may be great investments, you do not have to wait to be able to use it. Since not all home warranties cover all the costs of services, repairs, and replacements, always have your appliances regularly checked and repaired by professionals. Hiring a licensed technician for a home system maintenance check will save you more money.

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