An Introduction to Evaporative Coolers

In places and regions with dry and hot climates, homeowners use evaporative coolers instead of the traditional air conditioning units. One of the reasons for this choice is that common air conditioning units tend to work harder in extremely hot weather, which often leads to units failing and electric bills rising.

If you are new to this type of cooling system, read on and learn more about evaporative coolers.

Evaporative Cooler

What is an evaporative cooler? It is a type of cooling unit that draws outdoor air and cools it using water-saturated pads before blowing it out into the room. Technically, the unit works using water, which evaporates to cool down the air. From liquid to gas in the evaporation process, this unit turns hot and dry air into cool and refreshing air.

The evaporative cooler is usually composed of a fan, a thick water pad, a water reservoir, and a control system to tune up the desired result.


How does an evaporative cooling system work? The first step is to draw the hot air through the fan into the machine and across the pads, which absorbs water from the reservoir. The system has a special way of spreading water over the pads, thus the supply of water is uniform for maximum cooling capability. The unit blows out the cooled-down air into the room that contains humidity.

Because of the direct and indirect systems, the evaporative cooling method is energy-efficient and highly sustainable. Also, it does not recirculate polluted warm air but filters the air, resulting in fresh, quality indoor air.

Benefits of Using an Evaporative Cooling System

As an effective alternative to conventional air conditioners, many homeowners and users choose to install evaporative coolers because of their benefits. Since the system has been refined, improved, and modified to meet the needs of users, more users benefit from adopting this method.

·        Fresh, Quality Air

One of the reasons why people use evaporative coolers is that they want to take advantage of their ability to provide quality air ventilation and filtration. Air pollution is often overlooked when it comes to air conditioning systems, but not with evaporative coolers. Users can be sure of clean air with less risk of airborne viruses and bacteria.

·        Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly

An 80% savings on energy consumption and operating costs is one of the benefits of using evaporative coolers. The unit is energy-efficient because it reduces energy use and operational costs. It is also environmentally friendly because it consumes little electricity and does not have many detrimental effects on the environment.

·        Low Initial Capital Cost

Evaporative coolers have a low initial capital cost compared to traditional and conventional cooling systems. Some units are relatively cheap, saving users up to 50% compared to a conventional air conditioner. However, it is crucial to choose a unit that suits your needs and your specific conditions. A cheaper price is not always a guarantee that the unit will work to your advantage.



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