Air Pollutants in Your HVAC

It is always nice to return home knowing that your air is going to be fresh and clean. But what if your HVAC system is actually full of air pollutants?

You can immediately identify if your HVAC system has air pollutants if (1) the air causes you to have allergic reactions, (2) the air around your home smells unpleasant, and (3) it makes your head dizzy, or you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

If these signs are not present outside the home, then it is confirmed. Your HVAC has air pollutants.

What Causes Air Pollutant Build-up?

Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as outdoor air pollution, as it can cause great damage to your health. It is important for HVAC system owners to know the causes of air pollutant build up.

Air Pollutants in Your HVAC
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One of the main reasons of air pollutant build-up is a poorly maintained HVAC system. Since the system is capable of blowing cool air, moisture creates the perfect environment for mildew and mold.

Moreover, you have your dirty rugs and carpets where dirt and bacteria are easily trapped. These can be a home to other air pollutants like dust, mites, and other microscopic particles.

How to Get Rid of Air Pollutants?

Here are several things that can routinely be done to preserve your HVAC and keep it free from air pollutants:

  • Clean Your House Every Day.

Cleaning your home every day can help eliminate air pollutant build-up. Air pollutants thrive mostly on surfaces, and surfaces always need a good cleaning. If daily cleaning is a chore, you can set up a weekly schedule. In this way, you can effectively eliminate all possible pollutants. And, hey, why not make it a family chore? Nothing says family bonding time like a good house cleaning.

  • Service Your HVAC System.

Servicing your HVAC system once in a while is good for your unit. This keeps it up and running, and prolongs its lifespan. Also, HVAC servicing companies are great at helping homeowners answer their questions with regards to their HVAC system. Servicing includes cleaning and overall tune up of the unit.

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  • Acquire Indoor Plants.

Plants are truly beneficial. Placing one or two, or as many as you like, can help you regulate your air pollutants. If you remember from back in your grade school days, plants absorb pollutants and use them as raw material. In return, plants give off oxygen beneficial to your breathing.

Eliminating air pollutants not only improves air quality, it also improves the overall functionality of your HVAC unit. In this way, the unit can function longer without you spending too much on repairs.

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