Air conditioning servicing frequency

Your air conditioner may suffer from wear and tear over time, especially if you keep it running often. To minimize the risk of early breakage, you need to get it checked regularly.

Air conditioning servicing also allows the unit to run at its peak performance, delivering the most comfort for your family with the highest efficiency.

How often your AC needs service might be different from other units. However, the most common air conditioning servicing frequency is once or twice a year.


Annual maintenance is sufficient for most home air conditioners. But if you are experiencing any of the following conditions, you might need immediate service:

● Your AC unit is making strange noises
● Ice is appearing around the evaporator coils
● Your AC unit is not cooling the room as expected
● There is a tripped breaker or another kind of electrical fault
● Water is dripping from the AC unit
● You notice a foul smell coming from the AC unit

Replacing Filters

The filters on your AC need to be replaced regularly to allow the air to flow smoothly. Dirty filters will block airflow, which results in more energy consumption and failure to deliver cold air. In normal conditions, you need to replace the filter once every six months. But if you are experiencing any of the issues below, you need to do it more often:

● You notice a decrease in cold air delivery, indicating that there might be dirt buildup blocking the airflow
● Your home has a poor ventilation system
● Your home produces more pollutants than other similar households


The ideal time for a yearly checkup is during the spring. This way, your AC will run at its best in the summer, when you need it the most. If you think you need maintenance twice a year, then the other checkup should be in the autumn, about six months after the last maintenance. At this time, you can have your AC inspected after it has been working hard the whole summer. Ask your HVAC technician to replace the filters along with the maintenance. These are also the best times to get your AC filters replaced.


Besides having the right air conditioner servicing frequency, it is also essential to operate the appliance correctly. Improper usage may lead to higher energy consumption and a shorter lifespan, which would cost you a great deal of money. Here are some basic guidelines for what to do and what not to do to your AC unit:

● Avoid changing the temperature too often
● Improve your home’s insulation to prevent air leaks
● Utilize a ceiling fan to help to circulate the air throughout the room
● Invest in a programmable thermostat
● Keep some distance between your outdoor unit and the plants in your backyard
● Place your indoor unit in a strategic spot to make it easier to deliver the cold air evenly

Although taking good care of your AC may prolong its life expectancy, that doesn’t mean that you should keep using it forever. Old AC units will lose their efficiency even with careful usage and maintenance. You should replace the whole unit after 10 years or more.

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