Air Conditioner Repair Service

The air conditioning system is an essential and valuable piece of equipment in any home. It helps cool down the temperature, and it keeps the air filtered. Similarly, regular air conditioning service is also necessary to ensure the unit’s efficiency. In addition, air conditioning repair service helps keep the unit trouble-free.

AC Checkup

The most common type of air conditioning service is preventative maintenance. In this case, the technician will come to your home and check the unit for any potential problems.

To determine the status and condition of the unit, the technician has to give it a thorough checkup:

  1. They will clean the coils and blower and test the Freon levels. This is important because low Freon levels can cause the unit to overheat, leading to a breakdown.
  2. He will check the pipes to see if there is a leakage.
  3. He will check the filter to see if mold is building up.
  4. He will also check the coolant level and all the other important parts to ensure the unit is operating normally.

Overall inspection of the unit means checking the thermostat, compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, and condenser unit.

AC Cleaning

Cleaning is an important step in any air conditioner repair service. This will help eliminate mold buildup and remove dirt and dust that may go with the air. Unfortunately, dust and dirt also cause overheating of the system. If not removed, it may even cause fire at home.

Cleaning also helps improve the operation of the unit and prolong its lifespan. Among the parts that the technician cleans while doing the air conditioner repair service are the tubes and pipes, fin and filter, evaporator coils, and condenser fan.

Repair and Replacement of Broken/Damaged Parts

If a part is broken or damaged, the technician will take action immediately. However, if the unit is new and fully functional, it is worthwhile to spend some amount for the repair.

Advantages of Air Conditioner Repair Service

Getting your air conditioning system serviced and checked provides many advantages.

  • It saves future expensive repair costs.

Some seemingly small problems become big troubles if not addressed right away. If not fixed at the right time, it will accumulate into a bigger hazardous and costly problem.

  • It improves the performance of the unit.

Routine checkups and inspections ensure that every single part of the unit is functioning well. A little cleaning and maintenance help improve the operation. When the unit is in its best condition, you can expect better cooling and filtration.

  • It prolongs the life of the unit.

Air conditioners need regular maintenance to maximize their efficiency and protect it from breaking down. A professional technician knows how to keep it intact for its longevity.

What are the Signs that Tell Your Air Conditioner Needs Immediate Repair?

If you hear a strange noise when you turn it on, or if there is a squeaking or squealing sound as it operates, there is a possibility of a loose belt or screws. Also, if the cooling cycle seems to shorten, it could be an issue in the control board or the filter is clogged. It could also be a problem with the refrigerant level. Finally, a fluid leaking in the condenser also signals something is wrong. Fortunately, these problems can be addressed if immediate attention is provided.



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