How to Prepare Your AC System for a Hurricane

While our Florida weather is usually beautiful, hurricanes are unfortunately part of the equation. Preparing your home and family for an oncoming hurricane is a big job, but it’s vital that you also consider the protection of your AC unit. Given the importance and price of these precious machines, you want to avoid damaging these systems. If you’re a first-time homeowner or if you’ve never been through a hurricane before, it may be a challenge to know how to prepare. In this post, we’ll dive into the steps you should take when preparing your AC system for a hurricane.

Use Hurricane Straps

With the strong hurricane-force winds, it’s important to keep your AC unit grounded. If your unit isn’t secured properly, it can be ripped from the ground and might even end up hundreds of feet away. It all depends on the severity of the wind, the orientation of your home, and other factors, but even a Category 1 hurricane can cause damage to your AC unit if it’s not secure. It’s common for air conditioners in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas have hurricane straps installed already, but it’s best to double-check your air conditioner’s setup before the storm hits. If you need help locating these straps or assistance using them, call a professional AC contractor today.

Use Your Air Conditioner While You Can

If you’re riding out the storm in your home, you might not know how long the approaching hurricane will last, so it’s vital to still use your AC unit while you can. If you know the hurricane will hit your area in a few hours, crank down your AC unit to cool down your home for as long as possible. That way, you and your family can still stay comfortable for at least a few more hours, depending on the outdoor temperature. However, it’s important to do this step well before the hurricane hits your home. If you leave your system on during the most intense part of the storm, it can mean electrical issues and other serious complications.

Turn Off Your System

After you’ve cooled your home to prepare for the fast-approaching storm, go ahead and turn your system off and disconnect any power to your unit. This will protect your home and prevent any electrical issues. A power surge is a common problem when leaving your system powered on, so it’s important to protect your home and loved ones by turning your system off before the storm hits. Although this step might mean uncomfortable temperatures for sometimes days on end, this step gives you the peace of mind you need in these hectic times.

Clean Outdoor Area and Secure Furniture

When hurricanes happen, a good majority of the damage happens from items and furniture being thrown around in the air. Given the weight of these objects, they can cause severe damage to your home and your AC unit. Furthermore, these items can even cause injuries to your family. If you’re aware that a hurricane is approaching, it’s vital that you clean the area around your home and pick up anything that could be harmful. If you have outdoor furniture, either store these items inside, in the garage, or tie them down securely. Even small items can cause damage when tossed in hurricane-force winds. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate clutter around your AC unit and secure furniture and other large items.

Maintain Your System After the Storm

While annual maintenance for your air conditioner is a must regardless of the weather situation, it’s even more important in places that receive hurricanes. Given the intense rain, wind, and potential for flooding, there is a definite potential for damage to your unit. To ensure everything is still functioning at a high-level after the storm rips through, AC maintenance is a must. An East Coast Mechanical AC technician can inspect your system and make the necessary clean-ups and repairs to ensure your air conditioner is ready for action until the next storm.

Prepare Your System With East Coast Mechanical

Need help preparing your AC unit and home for a hurricane? Give East Coast Mechanical a call for more information. We can help you make sure you’re taking the proper steps to prepare for a hurricane, and we provide top-quality AC maintenance services to assess any damage afterward. We offer unbeatable service to Boynton Beach, Florida and the surrounding area. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your AC system during hurricane season!

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