AC Not Blowing Cold

Wondering why your AC unit is not blowing cold air or is not sufficiently cooling the room or house? If your air conditioning system is operating but it is not blowing cool air, even after turning down the thermostat, something is probably wrong. However, this does not mean the system requires immediate replacement or extensive repairs. While some problems can be serious enough to opt for repair, some cases may not be as serious and a simple troubleshoot will be enough to solve the problem. There are several things to look out for.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

One potential reason why your AC unit is not functioning well is that the filter is clogged with dirt. Filters need regular cleaning to remove any accumulated dust, pollen particles, and other elements like hair or thread strands.

These elements block the air that flows through the ducts. If the filter remains dirty for a long time, it can be difficult for cold air to flow. In addition, clogged and dirty filters cause some of the parts of the AC unit to quickly wear out, thus a much larger and more serious problem may occur. When this happens, simple troubleshooting may not be sufficient to solve the problem.


Blocked Registers or Vents

A ventilation problem due to blocked registers or vents could be one reason why your AC unit is not blowing cool air into the room. This can be identified by determining if one of the rooms in the house feels warmer than the other rooms. Moreover, a vent may accidentally close itself occasionally, which is why it is advised to check on your vents from time to time to ensure that they are operating smoothly.

Refrigerant is Running Low

The AC unit contains refrigerant that is used to cool down the air. This chemical is necessary in keeping the indoor air temperature low. If the refrigerant is running low or almost empty, the unit will not blow cool air.

One sign of low refrigerant is an ice buildup somewhere in the refrigerant line or ice on the outside of the air conditioner unit. However, ice may also build up due to other causes, thus it is helpful to have your unit checked by a professional technician.

If you had the refrigerant refilled just recently and you suspect it is running low faster than it should, you may want to check if the refrigerant is leaking.

Thermostat Settings are Changed

Your air conditioner may not be blowing cold air because your thermostat settings were changed. During the summer, your thermostat may always be set at automatic cooling. However, there are instances wherein the settings change, most likely because of the batteries, electricity, or other serious problems. It is important to check on your thermostat regularly to ensure the settings stay the same. In instances where the thermostat is set correctly yet the unit is still blowing off hot air, you may need to call a professional technician.

To keep your AC unit blowing cool air, invest in cleaning and regular maintenance.



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