AC Leasing

Nobody likes it when their HVAC breaks down and requires a total replacement. It is a lot of money to spend, which can be problematic because sometimes, people don’t have that much money lying around in their bank accounts. On the other hand, delaying the new purchase will cause major discomfort for the family as well. In this dilemma , you can consider AC leasing to help you out.

What is An AC Leasing?

The concept of leasing in HVAC systems is similar to car leasing. Many companies offer such a service for HVAC equipment. When the trend started, AC leasing only targeted commercial buildings. But since 2014, the scheme has expanded to apply to residential buildings as well.

With AC leasing, you can get an HVAC system installed on your house with little to no upfront cost. The duration of the lease is discussable with your lessor. As a lessee, you can request your desired contract length. The lessor company will then calculate the total cost of your AC leasing, and that number will be divided into monthly payments.

What to Look For?

AC leasing can be extremely helpful. On the other hand, it can also be full of scams and traps if you are not careful enough. Just like buying an AC, there are many factors to consider before setting a leasing contract to sign. Here are a few things to watch out for:

1. Company Credibility

Write down a few companies to compare. To find credible ones, you can ask for recommendations. Don’t forget to check the company’s rating on the BBB website to see which companies are worth trusting and which ones to avoid.

2. Maintenance and Repair Procedures

Different companies have different procedures for maintenance and repair, including who will pay for those. Here is where you need to read the terms in detail. Otherwise, chances are you will have to pay for the repairs without even having the opportunity to choose the technicians. Such a trap is pretty common in AC leasing contracts from unprofessional companies.

3. Brand and Type Options

Some companies offer limited choices of which brands and types of AC units you can lease. You do have some that are open to your special requests. You need to research each option to see if it is worth the cost. If you are not satisfied with the options offered to you, maybe it is time to expand your search to other companies.

4. Contract Flexibility

You may want to consider that there is the possibility that you will change your mind in the middle of the contract, especially if your financial condition improves. You might either want to end it early, or buy the unit you are leasing so that you can own your AC unit. Ask your potential vendor about their terms for such situations.

While AC leasing might be the answer to your problem, you may not want to get over-excited about it. There are many other financing options for your HVAC as well. Make sure to research each scheme along with its pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision.

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