AC Leasing Pros and Cons

Depending on your situation, AC leasing can either be a great decision or a blunder. Before making any final decisions about it, you need to look into its pros and cons. This way, you can consider whether the financing scheme is worth taking on or not.

AC Leasing Pros

1. No Upfront Costs

The lessor company will pay for both the unit purchase and the installation. Not only does this help you to get an AC unit without paying anything upfront, this contract also allows you to get an AC unit that costs more than you can afford.

2. Fixed Cost the Whole Time

The lessor will calculate all AC costs, which includes purchase, maintenance, and repairs. They will then divide the total into monthly payments based on the agreed period. The monthly rate is flat, even if there is servicing needed during that month. Hence, you wouldn’t need to worry about sudden spending.

3. Free Repairs and Replacement

Because you have paid the monthly cost, you wouldn’t need to spend a dime for servicing. Not only is regular maintenance and required repairs included, but the lessor company will also cover a replacement when needed.

4. Transferable Contract

If you sell the house before the contract ends, you don’t need to end the contract early. Instead, you can transfer the contract to the new property’s owner, as long as they are willing to take it.


1. Higher Total Cost

Although it gives you the convenience of not spending a lot of money upfront, AC leasing is not helping you to save money. Try totaling the monthly fee you pay for the whole period of the contract. It will be relatively higher compared to the total cost of owning the unit yourself.

2. No Ownership

The biggest drawback of AC leasing is that you will not own the unit you use. It can be quite a loss considering that you spend more money on the lease than if you buy the unit yourself. However, it won’t be a big deal if your contract is as long as the expected lifespan of the unit itself.

3. No Control for Services

When your AC is having problems, the lessor company will pay for the service. It is up to them which technician to hire to fix the issues. Moreover, only they get to decide whether or not to fix or repair the damage. Sometimes, these decisions are not satisfying for the lessee, as it is solely up to the lessor’s discretion.

4. Unlikely to Cancel

Although the lessor company allows you to end the contract early, they will charge you a hefty fine for it. And the cost can be just as much as the total monthly payment you have to pay until the end of the contract. So, it seems pointless to cancel anyway.

AC leasing is not the only option you have if you can’t afford to actually buy a new AC unit. If the AC leasing pros and cons show that it is not a worthy investment to make, you can move on to consider other options you have on the table.

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