AC Installation Cost

Air conditioning units are people’s companions on a hot summer day. Almost every American home has an air conditioning unit. Is it necessary? Given that in many places, the outdoor air is heavily polluted, it is important to have clean air inside of your home. While air conditioning units offer these and other outstanding benefits, the prospect of installing one in your home might be intimidating.

Here are some life hacks to avoid huge installation expenses.

1.     Selecting the air conditioner type

There are three common types of air conditioning systems: portable, split-type, and ducted. Portable air conditioning systems are by far the most versatile. They can be plugged basically anywhere that is convenient for you. These air conditioning units can cool or heat an entire room. Meanwhile, a ducted air conditioning system is perfect for the entire home. Attached to the ceiling or wall cavity, it is a very convenient type of AC system.

One big difference between these three types is the prices. Ducted systems are by far the most expensive. Split-type and portable units are more affordable. Split-type units can efficiently cool the entire room. Portable units may only cool a particular part of the room. You decide what makes the most sense for your home and budget.

2.     Room size, ceiling height, and number of windows

Not all air conditioning units will be suitable for your home. This is why you should be aware of your room or home size. For a smaller room, having a bigger air conditioning unit is not economical. It will cost a lot to operate. Meanwhile, for a larger room, portable air conditioning units can be a little inconvenient. Rooms with high ceilings generally require a powerful unit to cool an entire room. The number of windows affects indoor temperature as well and can greatly influence your choice of air conditioning unit.

3.     Installers

Installing an air conditioning unit yourself is not advisable. You may damage the unit or your home, and it could lead to problems in the future that will be even more expensive to repair. That’s why you need experts to do the job for you, such as ECM Air Conditioning. These installers are not ordinary people who install air conditioning units as a hobby. They do it for a living. They have studied and allotted their time and money to learn how to properly install these units.

The exact price will also depend on the type of unit. These installers have a specific charge for every type of air conditioner based on the unit’s wattage. 

Skeptical? Ask for a quote. It’s standard practice for HVAC installers to give you a quote. This way, you will have an idea of what to anticipate.

To help decrease your installation cost, follow these tips.



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