10 Tips for Home Indoor Air Quality

Most people will not notice if the home air quality is slowly changing. If nothing stinks, then they think that it is fine. You might not be aware that the air you breathe has become unhealthy. Here are some tips to help improve the home air quality.

  1. Take care of your plants

Houseplants both supply enough oxygen to flow through the house and filter out toxins that are harmful to you and your family. They can eliminate unperceivable pollutants like ammonia and formaldehyde. Houseplants also help lower stress, and at the same time, serve as a decorative element.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking indoors can greatly affect the health of the inhabitants. The best option is to quit smoking. However, if you cannot kick the habit, make sure to do it outside.

  1. Open more windows

Allow some fresh air to enter your home by opening the windows and screen doors, especially if the weather outside is great. Great ventilation equals better air quality.

  1. Improve air circulation

Using fans can help you increase the air circulation around the house and improve air quality. Strategically positioning your fans should be effective, but if you can, place some draw fans on your window frame. Doing so can effectively replenish the air in the house.

  1. Take advantage of air vents

Vents are another way to improve the air circulation. However, you need to check them regularly to make sure that there are no obstructions or pests lurking around. Also, make sure that no decoration or furniture is blocking the vents.

  1. Tune up your HVAC system

Give your air conditioning system a thorough inspection twice every year. Filters must be cleaned or changed regularly, so be sure to schedule regular visits from the professionals.

  1. Avoid using toxic chemicals in cleaning

Commercially available cleaners are often full of harmful toxins. Some environmentally friendly versions are expensive, but making them is a lot cheaper. Check your kitchen cabinet for vinegar, baking soda, borax, and other natural cleaning ingredients. Then simply look up safe cleaning solutions online.

  1. Clean more often

Dust, allergens, and other particulates may begin to build up on your shelves, furniture, and cupboards without regular cleaning. These minute flecks can affect your health, so schedule a time for dusting and cleaning each weekend.

  1. Remove your shoes

Wearing shoes inside the house will not only bring dirt but possibly bacteria and germs as well. Invest in some house slippers or just go barefoot inside the house. Don’t forget to buy some for your visitors or warn them about your house rule in advance.

  1. Use mats at home

Consider investing in doormats that trap dirt, dust, and debris effectively. After removing your shoes, some particles may be left on your feet. Keeping an anti-slip mat at the doorstep should eliminate most of them. Make sure you pick comfortable and eco-friendly mats.

Improving indoor air quality  is vital. Safe indoor air can enhance the quality of your sleep, improve the health of your lungs, remove allergens and contaminants, and save you on energy costs. Simply follow these 10 tips and reap the benefits.

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