WeatherMaster Single Packaged Rooftop Units 48P

WeatherMaster Single Packaged Rooftop Units 48P

Carrier P Series rooftop units are designed for commercial and industrial use. They are typically used to provide heating and cooling for large buildings such as office buildings, schools, and hospitals. These units are pre-wired and factory-tested, which means they are ready to be installed and connected to the building’s electrical and HVAC systems upon delivery. 

They feature an industrial-grade cabinet with fully hinged access panels, making it easy to access and maintain the unit. The forward-curved supply fans on these units can provide performance up to 4 inches of external static pressure (ESP) or up to 6 inches of ESP with optional airfoil supply fans. This high level of performance allows the unit to effectively move air through the building’s ductwork and deliver comfortable heating and cooling to the occupants.

Carrier P Series rooftop units are equipped with high-efficiency motors, refrigerant coils, and evaporator fans to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. These features help the unit heat and cool the building, resulting in lower energy costs and a more comfortable indoor environment.

The size of a Carrier P Series rooftop unit is measured in tons, ranging from 2 to 10 tons. The tonnage of a unit refers to its cooling capacity, with one ton of cooling capacity equaling the ability to remove 12,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat per hour. 

The unit needed for a particular building will depend on the size of the building, the climate in which it is located, and the building’s heating and cooling requirements. A properly sized unit can heat and cool the building without wasting energy or overworking the system.

Performance Features

  • Multiple high-efficiency scroll compressors include a crankcase heater and vibration isolation.
  • Up to 8 steps of cooling capacity control with intertwined evaporator coils for full-face active operation at part-load conditions
  • Cooling operating range from 32 to 115 F ambient (down to -20 F with accessory Motormaster® V control)
  • ComfortLink™ control includes an easy-to-use scrolling marquee display, service diagnostics, run test capabilities, demand limit capability, compressor reverse rotation protection, and BACnet communication option.
  • Tested per UL Standard 1995 and listed by ETL and ETL, Canada
  • Meet or exceed the EER requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, rated per ARI Standard 340/360
  • California Energy Commission Title 24 Compliant

Reliability Features

  • Dual electrically and mechanically independent refrigerant circuits, with coil frost protection, liquid line filter driers, and crankcase heaters, are standard on all models.
  • Compressor protection includes high and low-pressure transducers with safety cutouts.
  • Circuit breaker protection for all power components
  • The cabinet is made of pre-painted, galvanized steel with a baked enamel finish, which meets the ASTM B117 salt spray resistance test.
  • Condenser-fan motors are totally enclosed with internal protection.
  • Direct spark ignition, Alumagard Coated Turbo-tubular heat exchangers, and induced draft combination provide for safety and reliability.
  • Reliable Integrated Gas Unit Controller (IGC) provides system evaluation & troubleshooting via onboard LED and two-stage gas valves with redundant 100% shutoff.

Maintenance Features

  • Large hinged service access doors
  • On-board diagnostics include refrigerant pressure sensors.
  • Double wall design available

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