WeatherMaster Single Packaged Rooftop Units 48GC

WeatherMaster Single Packaged Rooftop Units 48GC

The Carrier WeatherMaster Rooftop 48GC unit is a highly efficient and cost-effective cooling solution for commercial buildings. With its beltless direct-drive vane axial fan design, new control board and coil technology, and toolless filter access doors, this unit provides many advantages over other comparable units on the market. Additionally, its permanently lubricated motor bearings require less maintenance, making it an even more attractive choice for businesses looking to save money on their cooling costs. So if you’re in the market for a reliable and efficient rooftop unit, consider the Carrier WeatherMaster single-packaged rooftop unit.

The 48GC model from Carrier is a single-packaged unit that includes a gas/electric rooftop HVAC system with an energy-efficient EcoBlue™ evaporator coil, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. All units are designed to meet new ENERGY STAR®, AHRI, ASHRAE 90.1, and LEED requirements. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, the 48GC has been engineered to fit almost all commercial applications.

The innovative EcoBlue™ technology in our units provides outstanding refrigeration capacity while using up to 35% less power than traditional systems. In addition, our UltraTech™ control board allows easy installation and programmable features that make it simple to tailor the unit’s operation to your needs. Plus, the all-aluminum coil construction and durable paint finish on the evaporator coils ensure long-lasting performance in any environment.

To learn more about Carrier 48GC model single-packaged rooftop units and why Carrier is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry today, contact us at your earliest convenience.

EcoBlue was engineered to improve the performance and efficiency of rooftop units while decreasing installation costs. The industry’s first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan is just one of many technological advances in this multi-efficiency offering. Other enhancements include a new control board and coil technology, permanently lubricated motor bearings, easy filter access doors, and more—all available on this product. Plus, our technicians are trained in working with each brand we sell to ensure that every unit operates as it should for years to come.

EcoBlue was developed to offer an advanced level of performance and efficiency while reducing operating costs as well as installation and maintenance costs. In addition, this exclusive technology provides various design features that make it easier for you to enjoy high-efficiency cooling and heating for many years to come. Among the innovative features are the following:

  • The industry’s first direct-drive Vane axial fan is beltless and eliminates the need for a drive assembly, reduces vibration, increases life expectancy, and minimizes sound output.
  • A new control board with improved functionality includes adaptive intelligence algorithms that reduce nuisance service calls by monitoring internal components of the unit. These algorithms prevent compressor cycling on low-return air temperatures at lower ambient conditions.
  • New coil technology maximizes the heat exchange surface and enhances overall performance.
  • Permanently lubricated motor bearings increase life expectancy, reduce maintenance, and lower operating costs. In addition, a “toolless” access panel design allows for more efficient filter changes and simplifies maintenance.

Increases Efficiency While Reducing Costs on this offering, you will also enjoy the following: 

  • Increased efficiency with improved compressor operation in lower ambient conditions to minimize energy usage. This means fewer service calls and a reduction in utility costs over time. 
  • The ability of our factory-trained technicians to install units quickly and efficiently for your convenience—so you can get back to business sooner! 
  • A Limited Product Warranty that is among the best in the industry-up to ten years on parts and five years on compressor and air-handling motors. 
  • The use of recycled steel in all equipment—helps us protect our planet for future generations.

WeatherMaster 48GC Features

  • Meets and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency levels
  • New unit control board with intuitive, quick fan speed adjustment
  • NEW Direct Drive – EcoBlue™ Technology Indoor fan system uses Vane Axial fan design and electronically commutated motor with a beltless design
  • Two-stage cooling capacity control on all models
  • SEER to 16.0
  • Gas efficiencies up to 82%
  • Cooling operating range up to 125 °F (52°C) and down to 35°F (2°C)
  • Innovative corrosive-resistant composite condensate pan per ASHRAE 62 Standard, sloping design; side or center drain
  • Exclusive IGC solid-state control for on-board diagnostics with LED error code designation, burner control logic, and energy-saving indoor fan motor delay
  • Pre-painted exterior panels and primer-coated interior panels tested to 500 hours of salt spray protection.

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