WeatherMaster® High-Efficiency Single Packaged RTU 48HC

WeatherMaster® High Efficiency Single Packaged Rooftop units 48HC

The WeatherMaster® High-Efficiency Single Packaged RTU 48HC boasts all of the high-quality features you expect from a Carrier rooftop unit and is also available with Puron® refrigerant.

Our WeatherMaster® 48HC rooftop unit is designed for ice arenas, malls, schools, warehouses, and most commercial applications. With over 150 options available, the possibilities are endless when choosing a Carrier rooftop unit!

Not only do Carrier rooftop units come with a 10-year limited parts warranty, but we’re also standing behind the quality of our HVAC systems with an industry-leading 90% efficiency rating. In addition, our WeatherMaster® 48HC units offer excellent heating capabilities and can operate down to -15°F, making them perfect for regions that experience cold weather!

The ultimate feature of our WeatherMaster® 48HC rooftop unit is its ability to connect up to 4 different zones. This allows you to run your system at maximum efficiency while also giving you control over where your air goes! Whether it’s heating or cooling your warehouse or being able to set different temperatures in different rooms within the same building, nothing beats having complete control of your system.

Performance Features

  • ASHRAE 90.1 and Energy Star compliant
  • Up to 15.6 SEER, 13.0 IEER, and 12.2 EER
  • Gas efficiencies up to 82%
  • Standard cooling operating range up to 125 °F (52°C) and down to 35°F (2°C). Low ambient controllers can bring cooling operation down to -20°F (-29°C)
  • Innovative non-corrosive composite condensate pan per ASHRAE 62 Standard, sloping design; side or center drain
  • Exclusive IGC solid-state control for on-board diagnostics with LED error code designation, burner control logic, and energy-saving indoor fan motor delay
  • Pre-painted exterior panels and primer-coated interior panels tested to 500 hours of salt spray protection.

48HC WeatherMaster® rooftop units are available in various configurations and sizes for all commercial applications. Units range from 1 to 6 HP, with cooling capacities of up to 28 tons and heating capacities up to 25 MBH. The base unit accommodates multiple evaporator options, providing system design flexibility.

A 48HC WeatherMaster rooftop unit can be purchased as an individual unit or as part of an integrated system comprised of the 48HC unit with gas heat, electric reheat, hot water heater, economizers, make-up air handlers, and other options. A complete list of accessories is available through your local Trane representative office or distributor.

The modular design and factory-installed components make the 48HC WeatherMaster rooftop unit the ideal, cost-effective choice for commercial applications.

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