WeatherMaker Single Packaged RTU 50A

WeatherMaker Single Packaged RTU 50A

The WeatherMaker Single-Packaged Rooftop Units 50A is a commercial and industrial heating and cooling unit manufactured by Carrier. These units are designed to be installed on the roof of a building and are capable of providing both heating and cooling to the interior space. They are pre-wired, charged with refrigerant, and factory-tested in heating and cooling modes to ensure they are ready for installation and operation upon delivery. The units feature an industrial-grade cabinet with fully hinged access panels, which makes it easy to access and service the internal components.

The units are designed with a superior supply fan that can handle up to 3.5 inches of external static pressure, making them capable of handling a wide range of ventilation and air movement requirements.

Performance Features

  • High-efficiency scroll compressors (digital compressor available)
  • Two-stage cooling on Constant Volume and Staged Air Volume units, with multiple adaptive demand control for up to 5 stages of cooling capacity
  • Cooling operation range up to 120° F ambient and down to 35° F ambient
  • ComfortLink™ control includes an easy-to-use scrolling marquee display, service diagnostics, run test capabilities, demand limit capability, compressor reverse rotation protection, and BACnet communication option.
  • California Energy Commission Title 24 Compliant
  • Meet or exceed the EER requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, rated per ARI Standard 340/360
  • Tested following UL Standard 1995 and listed by ETL and ETL, Canada

Maintenance Features

  • Large hinged service access doors
  • On-board diagnostics include refrigerant pressure sensors.
  • Double wall design available

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