Weather Expert Ultra High-Efficiency Variable Speed Single Packaged RTU 48JC

WeatherMaster Single-Packaged Rooftop Units with EcoBlue Technology 48JC

The Weather Expert Ultra High-Efficiency Variable Speed Single Packaged RTU 48JC is field-convertible to horizontal airflow, which makes it easy to adjust to unexpected job-site complications. This feature also makes these systems lighter, making them easier to replace if needed. Additionally, the simple plug-in connections and clearly labeled connection points on the unit reduce installation time. Finally, the large control box provides ample room for installing Carrier accessory controls.

These units can be purchased with a standard or heavy-duty base rail designed for easy replacement in case of damage due to moving equipment or other circumstances. In addition, these systems can be outfitted with front discharge grilles for additional flexibility during installation. These features make this an ideal choice for new construction projects where connecting rooftop units to ductwork is not an option.

EcoBlue Technology

The direct drive fans operate at a lower sound level and with less vibration. In addition, this type of fan system requires no air compression, which is typical with centrifugal blower systems. These important features allow this unit to be used as zone ventilation without loss of delivered cfm, even when multiple units run simultaneously in the same space.

This fan system is the best for any application that requires low sound, high cfm, and operating costs. An important feature in applications where heat recovery from the exhaust air is required to make a supply air stream. This technology allows us to achieve greater efficiencies by utilizing waste energy at all times.

SystemVu™ Controller

To ensure that the results are accurate and reliable, WeatherExpert units have been designed with multiple options for weather sensors. For example, the RCT is a roof-mounted system for outdoor measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, and solar radiation. Other optional models include:

  • The DUCT sensor mounts in an HVAC duct.
  • The SLAB sensor is used on top of concrete slabs.
  • The WALL sensor is used on a building wall.

All come standard with WeatherLink software to communicate data from remote locations.

With its intuitive design, WeatherExpert’s intelligent controller allows easy access to information about all aspects of operational control – including alarm management, set point adjustment, and scheduling via graphical user interfaces or through linkages to building automation systems.cial applications.

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