Omnizone™ Constant Volume Modular Water-Cooled Cooling Unit 50BVW

The 50BVW units come with a single scroll compressor and brushless ECM indoor fans. They can be installed in the vertical position or horizontally on their side. 

The VFD-driven indoor fan assembly provides quiet operation while allowing the use of large-diameter ducts and high static pressure systems. 

Choose among 24 models ranging from 1 to 5 tons of cooling capacity, plus models available up to 7.5 tons. 

These versatile units provide an excellent choice for multi-zone replacement installations and applications requiring multiple indoor unit capacity options. Along with systems that use multiple outdoor units to provide comfort conditioning.

With so many different designs and options available, selecting the suitable unit for your application can take time and effort. The 50BV’s modular design simplifies configuration and installation while reducing inventory needs. Choose from airflows ranging from 0-600 CFM per ton with cooling capacities up to 5 tons and heating capacities up to 8.2kW on heat pump models. In addition, these highly efficient packages offer accessible/maintenance features, such as top access filters (including washable), easily serviceable drain pans, front-facing electrical disconnects, vacuum relief valves, and integrated compressor crankcase heater kits, all designed for long-term reliability.

Standard features include: scroll compressors, ECM indoor fan motors, Honeywell controls (3-position or digital), and a standard coil desiccant kit for high moisture removal in heat pump applications. Fan speed control options include convenient front-mounted DIP switch selections for low/medium/high airflow ranges. And field selectable voltage for use with variable speed controllers. An optional plate fin coil is available when space constraints are an issue. The 50BVW units offer an attractive design that compliments the aesthetics of any building while providing flexible comfort conditioning solutions in both renovation and new construction applications.


  • Capacities of 30, 40, 50, and 60 tons
  • EER of up to 14.6
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • Variety of drive and motor options for low and medium static pressure applications
  • Coaxial tube-in-tube design condensers
  • Electronically and mechanically independent refrigerant circuits
  • Supply fan housing and wheels designed for quiet, low-velocity operation
  • Factory-installed VFD
  • Direct expansion evaporator coil
  • One or two forward-curved, high-pressure Class II fan assemblies
  • Fully insulated, unpainted, galvanized steel cabinet
  • Compressors mounted on rubber grommets
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