Omnizone™ Constant Volume Modular Water-Cooled Cooling Unit 50BVV

The 50BVV indoor air handler uses the same housing as other models but features a unique refrigerant coil designed to recover heat from incoming water that helps provide additional heating capacity and faster defrost times than traditional cooling coils. In addition, the refrigerant circuit is configured such that any potential leak points are sealed off during manufacture to reduce loss of refrigerant during service or operation. 

Finally, to ensure a quieter operation and improved efficiency with these systems, RTI offers acoustical lining options on all primary ducting. The units can also be used in a wide range of applications, including hotels and motels, apartments and condominiums, military housing, nursing homes, office buildings and other commercial spaces.

The 50BVV heat pumps offer the ability to use outdoor air for ventilation, reducing building utility costs and improving indoor air quality. In addition, an optional exhaust purge feature allows you to take advantage of free, clean outdoor cooling when the weather permits.

A wall-mounted programmable thermostat is included with each unit. However, a field-installed variable speed ECM blower motor may be added if additional heating capacity or duct static pressure control is required. This high-efficiency, energy-saving system can save you money on energy costs while providing years of reliable comfort service. In addition, the 50BVV is covered by a 10-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.


  • Capacities of 30, 40, 50, and 60 tons
  • EER of up to 14.6
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • Variety of drive and motor options for low and medium static pressure applications
  • Coaxial tube-in-tube design condensers
  • Reversing valves for reverse cycle heating mode
  • Two (size 034) or four (sizes 044 to 064) electronically and mechanically independent refrigerant circuits
  • Supply fan housing and wheels designed for quiet, low-velocity operation
  • Factory-installed VFD
  • Direct expansion evaporator coil
  • One or two forward-curved, high-pressure Class II fan assemblies
  • Fully insulated, unpainted, galvanized steel cabinet
  • Compressors mounted on rubber grommets
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