Omnizone™ Constant Volume Air-Cooled Cooling Unit 50XCR

The 50XCR air-cooled condenser features include:

  • Single point electrical connection (3 phase, 4 wire).
  • A hermetically sealed compressor with an internal overload protection device.
  • A fan motor thermal protector.
  • A liquid line filter drier.
  • A removable access panel for easy service.
  • A high-efficiency condenser air-cooled fan motor with an external rotor design. 

In addition, the condensing unit is constructed of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials for maximum life in the most demanding applications.

The 50XCR indoor units are available in three standard configurations:

  1. Dedicated outdoor air and return air ducted through an exposed plenum.
  2. Direct expansion or chilled water as a single source.
  3. Dedicated outdoor air with return and supply ductwork providing independent heating and cooling systems.

All models deliver dependable performance without compromising comfort conditions, noise levels, dehumidification capacity, or humidity control. Options include complete welded construction for maximum protection from rust and corrosion.

These units feature a high-efficiency indoor fan motor with an external rotor design that requires no maintenance. In addition, the extended collar allows for maximum accessibility for installation and service. Advantages include:

  • Improved efficient operation.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Increased comfort due to lower noise levels.
  • Reduced condensate water carry-over eliminates stress corrosion cracking of the evaporator coil in exposed applications.


  • Capacities of 5, 7½, 10, 12, 15, and 20 tons
  • Rear filter rack to support 1-in. or 2-in. filters
  • TXV (thermostatic expansion valve) controlled
  • Two-stage capacity control
  • Adjustable belt drives centrifugal evaporator fan.
  • Built-in 24-volt control system
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Positive sloped stainless steel drain pan
  • The fully insulated unit including full acoustical insulation on compressor section
  • Crankcase heater
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