Labor Cost to Install Water Heater

When you plan to install a water heater, buying a new unit is not your only expense. You will still need to account for the cost of hiring  the labor to install it. It is not something you can DIY to save money. Only a licensed plumber from a registered plumbing contractor can gain a permit to do the installation. The only thing you need to do is to calculate the labor cost to install water heater, and prepare the budget for it.

How Does the Labor Cost Work?

There are two types of labor costs you need to anticipate: plumbing and electrical. The plumbers will be responsible for setting up pipework, mounting the water heater unit, and testing out the whole system. Meanwhile, the electricians will take care of the wiring system and manage the circuit breaker panel.

Labor costs are around $50-200 per hour for  plumbers, and $40-100 per hour for  electricians. The more experienced they are, and the more reputable the company, the higher their fees will be. If you are tight on budget, it is fine to choose a low-rated technician. As long as they have the necessary legal permits and a good  reputation.

It is also important to note that having a gas water heater doesn’t mean you won’t need any electrical work done. Because even a gas-powered water heater requires electrical power to start.

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Estimating Work Hours for  Labor Cost

If you are only replacing an old water heater with a new one of the same type, and there are no other issues to fix, it will usually take around three hours of plumbing work and no electrical work. Therefore, you will  spend roughly around $100-$600. The process includes removing the old unit, mounting the new unit, and settling all the connections.

The labor cost of installing a water heater would be higher if it is a new installation, or replacing a unit with a different type. The work may include installing new pipework and electrical systems. The amount of work hours it will take depends on your  existing condition.

To avoid shocking clients with unexpected bills, a reputable contractor company will always inspect your property first. They will assess the proper type of  water heater needed to install, as well as the existing pipework and electrical setup.  Then, they will send you a quote containing information on the itemized work needed, materials, estimated duration, and overall cost. They will start working once you sign it.

For any unforeseen issues, your technician will let you know first and wait for your approval before proceeding. They will also give you alternative solutions, if any. This way, they will not charge you anything you haven’t agreed to. Don’t fall easily for any offer with lower-than-usual labor costs for the installation of a water heater. Make sure to check the contractor’s legal permit, reputation, and quote first before agreeing to anything. Otherwise, you might get an improper installation, which may lead to energy inefficiency, a shorter lifespan, or even an electrical hazard.



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