Indoor Air Quality FAQ’s

What is Ultraviolet Light?
Ultraviolet Light is nature’s way of controlling microorganisms. Outdoors, germs are naturally regulated by the ultraviolet light from the sun.

Which UV system should I buy?
The best way to determine the correct model is to consult with your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professional, who can properly analyze your individual needs.

What is the best way to use the UV system to reduce mold?
For optimum mold reduction, install a single or two lamp systems as required to allow for proper exposure of HVAC components.

What is the benefit of installing UV in the HVAC system return?
A UV system installed on the return will optimize air stream disinfection and inhibit biological contamination in the HVAC unit.

What is the benefit of installing two systems?
Installing a UV system on moist HVAC components prevents mold. The addition of a system in the return air duct optimizes air stream disinfection.

Can I install Ultravation® UV equipment outdoors?
The UV Matrix 4X with weather tight enclosure, is recommended for commercial, RTUs and all outdoor applications.

How much UV is too much?
It is not possible to “overdose” with UV. Your HVAC professional will be able to recommend the right amount of UV protection.

Who should install a UV air disinfection system?
We recommend that a HVAC trained professional install a UV air disinfection system to assure you of optimum performance.

How often should I replace residential lamps?
Residential UV lamp(s) should be replaced every 9000 hours (approximately 12 months).

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