HVAC for Condominiums & Apartment Complexes

HVAC for Condominiums

ECM has expertise in condominium and apartment building air conditioning and heating systems. Unlike the systems in a detached home, the condo or apartment building HVAC systems have to perform at maximum efficiency to effectively cool or heat many living spaces housing multiple residents.

Reasons to Invest in Quality Condominium Air Conditioning

HVAC for Apartment Complexes

It would help to consider the features you want in your HVAC system. Some units come with programmable thermostats, which can help you save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature to match your needs.

In addition to the size of the unit, you’ll also want to consider its energy efficiency. Of course, a more energy-efficient unit will cost more upfront. Still, it can save you money in the long run by lowering your utility bills. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is an excellent way to compare the energy efficiency of different units. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is.

Apartment Complex Air Conditioning

Apartment air conditioners are usually on the roof or exterior wall. Sometimes, the units can be found inside the apartment on a balcony or patio. The type of system will determine how often it needs to be serviced. Centralized systems require less maintenance than those that are isolated to one unit.

Servicing an apartment air conditioner is essential to keep it running correctly and efficiently. Depending on the type of system, the frequency of service will vary. Centralized systems should be serviced every two to three years. Isolated units may only need to be serviced yearly or every other year.

The first step in servicing an air conditioner is to clean the coils. This can be done with a brush or by using a coil cleaning solution. Next, the fan blades need cleaning. Be sure to unplug before cleaning the blades.

If you have an apartment air conditioner, it’s important to have regular maintenance done to keep it running correctly. This includes things like changing the filters and checking the Freon levels. You can avoid more severe and costly repairs down the road by keeping up with these simple tasks.

Professional HVAC for Condominiums or Apartment Installation

ECM has the experience and know-how to maintain, repair, and upgrade these types of systems to continue functioning at optimal levels. We understand the special challenges of working on HVAC for condominiums and apartment building systems and always put the needs of our clients first.

Professional HVAC for Condominiums or Apartment Installation

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