Gemini Select 38AP condensing units

Gemini Select 38AP air-cooled condensing units

Carrier’s air-cooled Gemini Select 38AP condensing units are made for use in commercial refrigeration systems. These units are equipped with a high-efficiency compressor and an air-cooled condenser, which work together to cool refrigerant as it flows through the system effectively. The 38AP model is available in various sizes, with 3 to 10 tons of cooling capacity.

The Gemini Select 38AP has a minimal footprint, which is why it is so popular. Because these units are on the more compact end of the size spectrum, they are ideally suited for use in contexts where space is at a premium. In addition, they have a lightweight design that makes them easy to install and maintain, and they can be mounted on the side of a building or the roof of a structure with relative ease.

In addition to their space-saving design, the Gemini Select 38AP units feature an intuitive interface that makes maintenance a breeze. Because they are designed with service ports and internal components that are easy to reach, it is easy for technicians to diagnose and repair any problems that may crop up. Furthermore, a five-year warranty is included with each of the units, which not only offers peace of mind but also helps ensure that they will continue to function independently for many years.

The high energy efficiency of the Gemini Select 38AP units is one of the most significant advantages. These units are designed to use as little energy as possible, which, in addition to helping to cut operating expenses, also contributes to a smaller overall carbon footprint for commercial refrigeration systems. 

In addition, they come outfitted with many features that help optimize performance, such as a high-performance compressor and a microprocessor-controlled system that enables precise temperature control.

In terms of their performance, the Gemini Select 38AP units are exceptionally dependable and can deliver consistent cooling even when subjected to difficult conditions. They have an air-cooled condenser, which assists in the efficient dissipation of heat, and a hermetically sealed compressor designed to operate quietly and effectively. Because of their ability to function effectively across a broad temperature range, these systems are ideally suited for deployment in various environmental settings.

In general, the Gemini Select 38AP air-cooled condensing units are a choice for commercial refrigeration systems that are both reliable and efficient in terms of energy consumption. They take up very little space and are not difficult to set up, and thanks to their high-performance design, they will continue to deliver reliable cooling for many years to come. If you need a small unit for a convenience store or a larger unit for a grocery store, the Gemini Select 38AP has a size and capacity that will meet your needs. The Gemini Select 38AP has a size and power that will meet your needs.

Performance Features

  • Condensing unit EERs up to 11.5 and IPLV up to 16.2
  • Unit performance rated following AHRI Standard 365
  • Full capacity range dual-circuit units (025-130 sizes), single-circuit units (025-065 sizes)
  • Hermetic scroll compressors with the option for a digital compressor for superior part-load performance
  • Novation® microchannel heat exchanger (MCHX) condenser coils with an option for E-coated Novation condenser coils
  • Compressor with neoprene isolators and oil heater(s)

Reliability Features

  • Galvanized steel cabinet, bonderized and finished with baked enamel, 500-hour salt-spray test
  • High and low-pressure protection
  • Compressor overload protection
  • Loss of charge and low suction superheat protection
  • Self-contained 24V CCN (Carrier Comfort Network) controls, including transformer
  • Low ambient head pressure control
  • UL, CSA, and ETL approved

Maintenance Features

  • Oil-level sight glass, filter driers, liquid line solenoid valve
  • Access panel accessibility to compressor and control box
  • Compressor suction service valves and liquid shutoff valves

Installation Features

  • Shipped with a nitrogen holding charge
  • On-the-ground or rooftop installation
  • 24V control circuit transformer permits quick, easy wiring of thermostats

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