Gemini 40RUS Packaged Air Handling Unit

Gemini 40RUS Packaged Air Handling Unit

The Gemini 40RUS packaged air handling units are a line of commercial HVAC equipment manufactured by Carrier, a leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems provider. These units are designed for use in various commercial and industrial buildings, such as offices, schools, and warehouses.

A wide variety of configurations are available for the Gemini 40RUS units; examples of these configurations include horizontal and vertical models. They are constructed with a heavy-duty steel cabinet that has been coated with a finish that is both long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. In addition, the construction of the units uses fully insulated and sealed double walls, thereby reducing the amount of heat lost and maximizing energy efficiency.

Because the Gemini 40RUS units are capable of providing both heating and cooling, one of the most important features of these units, it makes them ideal for use in buildings with varying temperature requirements. They come outfitted with a high-efficiency, two-stage compressor as well as a high-performance heat exchanger, both of which collaborate to provide temperature control that is dependable and consistent. In addition, the refrigerant connections on the units are designed to be flexible, and the service panels are laid out in a way that allows for easy access. This makes the units easy to install and maintain.

The Gemini 40RUS units come outfitted with various advanced controls and monitoring options, such as the capability to connect to building automation systems and web-based monitoring platforms. These features are also included. In addition, building managers are granted the ability to remotely monitor and adjust the settings of the units, as well as gain access to performance data and troubleshoot any problems that might occur.

The high energy efficiency of the Gemini 40RUS units is yet another advantage of these units, as it can contribute to the reduction of overall energy costs and an improvement in the building’s overall sustainability. In addition to being constructed to meet or exceed the energy efficiency standards set forth by ASHRAE 90.1, the units may also be purchased with additional components, such as economizer controls and demand-controlled ventilation, that further enhance their energy efficiency.

In general, the Gemini 40RUS packaged air handling units are a versatile and trustworthy option for meeting the HVAC requirements of commercial and industrial settings. They are efficient in terms of heating and cooling, as well as energy, and they come with various advanced control and monitoring options. In addition, the fact that the units were manufactured by Carrier, a well-known and reputable brand in the industry, gives building managers and owners an additional measure of peace of mind.

Performance Features

  • Uses field-supplied chilled water or brine.
  • Non-corroding drain pans.
  • Cleanable insulation treated with an anti-microbial agent.
  • Fan motor options allow more complex new or replacement air distribution systems.
  • Powerful belt-driven forward curved centrifugal fans.
  • Durable die-formed galvanized steel casings.
  • Single blower on sizes 07 to 12; dual blowers on sizes 14 to 30.

Reliability Features

  • Motor overload protection of internal automatic reset thermal overload protection.
  • Designed and constructed following UL 1995 standards.
  • Listed with ETL and ETL, Canada.

Installation Features

  • Vertical or horizontal installation without modification.
  • Simple voltage conversion on tri-voltage 208/230/460-3-60 motors.
  • Front or bottom return air intake.
  • Two sloped condensate pans for horizontal or vertical applications.
  • Simple condensate drain pan adjustment for right-hand or left-hand operation.
  • Easy-access 24-volt control terminal block for easy thermostat wiring.
  • Single-point electrical power connection for the fan motor and accessory electrical heaters.

Maintenance Features

  • The removable side panel allows access to virtually all components.
  • Permanently lubricated, sealed motor bearings.
  • Easy filter replacement with a slide-out retainer.

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