Why Use Solar?

Solar Energy benefits you, it benefits the environment and it builds a sustainable future.

Renewable energy is in the news. Global warming, rising energy bills and energy dependence affect all of us . Fossil fuels are a leading cause of global warming and air pollution. Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, thus reducing the pollutants and CO2 that get into the atmosphere.

More reliance on solar energy causes a reduced demand for fossil fuels and will improve the environment by reducing air and water pollution as well as the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming.

The federal government, many states and even local municipalities are offering subsidies and rebate programs that make solar the smart choice-financially as well as environmentally.

Today’s solar systems are affordable, reliable and designed to last decades with no maintenance.

Solar energy equipment does not pollute . For instance, by investing in a solar water heater you will be avoiding carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and the other air pollution and wastes created when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to heat your household water. By installing a solar water heater, a family of four, who currently uses an electric waterheater and consumes an average of 80 gallons of hot water per day, will prevent 3,400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year. This represents a reduction in household green – house gas emissions of 20% or more for a typical household. Considering the fact that monthly solar savings would exceed the impact of its cost on your mortgage payment; this is something no new Florida home should be without.

Most scientists are in good concordance that man-made activities are contributing to climactic change, specifically to Global Warming or the “greenhouse gas effect.” Fossil fuels provide 80 percent of the energy that powers civilization. The more fuel we burn, the more heat-trapping greenhouse gases we produce, principally carbon dioxide (CO2).Carbon is coming from fossil-fuel combustion as indicated in isotopic fingerprinting of the carbon.

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