Reducing your homes energy bill has never been easier. ECM will perform an energy assessment, make on the spot improvements, including caulking and sealing critical air leaks, and, depending on your eligibility, provide exclusive money-saving rebates on appliances, HVAC systems and insulations. ECM is committed to providing the highest level of professional work and customer satisfaction, one customer at a time. The biggest mistake people make is simply replacing their old air conditioner and expecting to save a lot of money. Without proper engineering and a precise installation, you WILL NOT receive the energy or money saving benefits of a new A/C. Below are a few of the many reasons you can trust the professionals at ECM with your new air conditioning installation.

ECM models every installation process to meet the Energy Star quality installation guidelines, which provide for maximum efficiency, comfort and proper airflow. As part of our installation process we will perform a complete energy load calculation to determine the right size air conditioner and airflow requirements. We will re-design and replace part of the ductwork to provide adequate airflow throughout the house and will seal all air leaks with metal foil tape and mastic compound.

ECM takes pride in every installation. We comply with all state, federal, and local codes. All our work will meet all safety and code requirements that will pass all necessary inspections. All work performed will meet all safety and code requirements that will pass all necessary inspections.

ECM provides continuous in house training fro all technicians in order to stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

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