Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost

Electrical panels can endure for a while. But as they age, their performance also degrades. The degradation takes a toll on your electrical settings. It can incur more damage, ranging from faulty wires to the possibility of causing a fire. This is why upgrading the electrical panel is crucial.

According to Home Guide, the cost of upgrading electrical panels ranges from $850 to $2500 on  average. It depends on the amperage. The greater the amperage, the higher the cost. For 100 amps, the cost can range between  $850 to $1600. For 200 amps, it costs around $1800 to $2500. For greater amperage, like 400 amps, the cost can range from $2000 to $4000. Upgrading consists of replacing the breaker box, labor, and other expenses.

While the cost might be intimidating, it is absolutely worth it. Here’s why you should do it:

  • Safer home.

An upgraded electrical panel promotes a safer home. If the house is  25 years old or  older,  its electrical panel needs an upgrade. An older panel can malfunction at any time, for any given reason. Upgrading the electrical panel can help mitigate, and even prevent,  possible consequences. One of the most common suggestions is the incorporation of newer technology upon  upgrading. Incorporating newer technology can help increase the safety of the electrical panel, and makes sure that the entire electrical system works smoothly.

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  • Additional Circuits and Appliances.

Adding appliances to an old electrical panel is a huge risk. This is why you need to have an upgrade. You are also able to add more circuits. With more circuits, more appliances and electronics can be plugged in safely. Plus, having an upgraded electrical panel allows it to handle appliances with heavy workloads, such as  air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and washing machines.

  • Consistent power.

Overloading and tripping of breakers are a few of the possible consequences of having an old electrical panel. The old electrical panel cannot handle the amperage of the entire electrical system. Upgrading the electrical panel can help. An upgraded electrical panel can keep the power consistent. It also supports the entire electrical system, preventing it from overloading. Power runs smoothly with an upgraded electrical panel.

Aside from outdated electrical panels, there are a few more reasons why you should do an upgrade:

  • The presence of a burnt smell and heat sensation when touched.
  • Frequent tripping.
  • Flickering lights. It is a sign that the lights are not receiving enough power supply.
  • Noises from the breaker like buzzing and humming.
  • Smoke from the electrical panel.

While an electrical panel keeps your electrical systems in check, it is important to check whether it provides greater benefit to your home than harm. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that your house is burning due to an outdated electrical panel. Always ask an expert when upgrading your panel. Doing it yourself can incur more expenses or endanger lives.



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