Gemini 40RUQ Packaged Air Handling Unit

Gemini 40RUQ Packaged Air Handling Unit

The Gemini 40RUQ packaged air handling unit is a pre-engineered and factory-assembled unit used to condition and circulate air in commercial and industrial buildings. The unit is designed to handle wide airflow rates and can be configured to suit specific application requirements.

The cabinet of the 40RUQ unit is built out of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel, and it is insulated to lower the unit’s overall noise level and increase its overall energy efficiency. The blower section of the device can be found at the very top of the cabinet. It consists of a fan tilted opposite the airflow direction and is dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation. The fan is powered by a variable-frequency drive (VFD), a particularly energy-efficient motor that can be adjusted to correspond with the specific airflow requirements of the structure.

The cabinet’s lower section houses the heating and cooling coils of the device. These coils are made of high-quality aluminum fins and copper tubing and are located in the lower section of the cabinet. Thanks to their thoughtful design that prioritizes efficient heat transfer, the coils can be configured with various types of refrigerant, including R-410A and R-134a. In addition, a section of the device comprises a filter, and this section’s purpose is to clean the air by removing contaminants such as dust and other particulate matter.

The 40RUQ unit can be outfitted with various options and accessories to meet the needs of specific applications. It can be outfitted with electric heating coils, a hot water or steam coil, or a desiccant wheel to provide additional dehumidification. It can also be equipped with a motorized or modulating damper to control airflow and optimize system performance.

The 40RUQ unit is intended to be simple to install and maintain. It can be shipped pre-wired and pre-piped to save time and money on installation, and its components are easily accessible for routine maintenance and repair. Furthermore, you can integrate the unit’s control system with building automation systems to provide remote monitoring and control capabilities.

The 40RUQ unit is designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2016 energy efficiency standards and is also Energy Star certified. The unit’s advanced design and high-quality construction help to ensure that it will provide reliable and efficient operation for many years.

In a nutshell, the Gemini 40RUQ packaged air handling unit is a pre-engineered and factory-assembled unit intended to condition the air found in commercial and industrial buildings and circulate that air throughout those buildings. It is equipped with a premium-efficient fan, a heavy-gauge galvanized steel insulated cabinet, and high-quality aluminum and copper coils that are suitable for a wide range of airflow rates and can be configured for particular application requirements. The device includes a filter section, is simple to install and maintain, and offers a wide range of options and accessories to help maximize performance and conform to energy efficiency regulations.

Performance Features

  • Uses field-supplied Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant and chilled water
  • Non-corroding drain pans
  • Cleanable insulation treated with an anti-microbial agent
  • Fan motor options allow more complex new or replacement air distribution systems
  • Powerful belt-driven forward curved centrifugal fans
  • Durable die-formed galvanized steel casings
  • 40RUQ direct expansion cooling coils are rated per ARI standard 340/360 when paired with Carrier 38A cooling-only condensing units

Reliability Features

  • A precision thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) with a removable power element on each circuit
  • Motor overload protection of internal automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Designed and constructed under UL 1995 standard
  • Listed with ETL and ETL, Canada

Installation Features

  • Vertical or horizontal installation without modification
  • Simple voltage conversion on tri-voltage 208/230/460-3-60 motors
  • Front or bottom return air intake
  • Two sloped condensate pans for horizontal or vertical applications
  • Simple condensate drain pan adjustment for right-hand or left-hand operation
  • Easy-access 24-volt control terminal block for easy thermostat wiring
  • Single-point electrical power connection for the fan motor and accessory electrical heaters

Maintenance Features

  • The removable side panel allows access to virtually all components.
  • Permanently lubricated, sealed motor bearings.
  • Easy filter replacement with slide-out retainer

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