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Our home assessment is a 99 point inspection for the purpose of identifying ways to conserve energy, increase comfort, improve indoor air quality and provide all necessary information to engineer the right system. What is ECM’s Home Survey & Energy Assessment?

Air Conditioning Installations

If you’re in the market for a new AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, you can trust the professionals at ECM to provide you with honest advice as your A/C SYSTEM ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR. Our system design and energy solution specialist have the training and experience to design a high performance high efficency system. Our customers on average save over 30% more on energy bills due to our designs. Our system specialist will successfully guide you through the entire process of selecting and installing the perfect system for your home. We understand the zoning codes and can help make sure the system you choose delivers all the benefits you want while remaining in compliance with the law.

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Air Conditioning Sales and Installations
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Even if your current air conditioning system is still operational, upgrading to a new high performance, high efficiency system has the potential to transform the way you cool your home, delivering improved energy efficiency and improved air quality and comfort, plus tons of other benefits.


At ECM we understand that you and your family expect a comfortable environment—cool in the summer and warm in the winter while properly controlling your homes comfort and humidity. If you are looking for a TOTAL HOME COMFORT SOLUTION in your new air conditioning system then you have come to the right place. Our reputation has been earned by exceeding our customers expectations. Our professional staff will design, engineer and install a TOTAL HOME COMFORT SOLUTION for your home that will perform at maximum efficiency. With total attention to occupant comfort.

Engineered Solutions1 30% More Efficient – What We Do!

Engineered Installations

House hat graphic2At ECM, we pride ourselves on the ability to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, improving comfort and health while reducing your homes impact on the environment. At ECM, we don’t just replace air conditioners, we install engineered energy solutions designed for maximum efficiency, maximum performance, improved air distribution and years of worry-free reliability.
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Our engineered installation will maximize your equipment’s efficiency and provide guaranteed comfort and health at the lowest costs. Our engineered solutions start with a comprehensive survey and home energy assessment. It will allow us to match the right equipment for your home based on location, heat load demand, length of ductwork and air distribution requirements and occupancy requirements. Your new air conditioner SEER rating and your home’s comfort and humidity control are totally dependent on the quality of the installation. Your ductwork will require modifications and balance to assure proper airflow, humidity control and efficiency.

• Total Satisfaction Guaranteed No Matter What!

We will perform all work to your total satisfaction before, during an after the job is complete. We guarantee the system will perform as we promised.

• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason during the first 30 days you are totally dissatisfied with the new system and we cannot correct it to your total satisfaction, we will replace the system or give you your money back.

• 1-Year Unlimited Warranty

All products, equipment, labor and workmanship are 100% guaranteed against any defects. Our installation will work exactly as we promised, Guaranteed!

• 24-Hour Problem Resolution Guaranteed

If your system should malfunction due to any manufacturers defects, we promise to have a solution within 24 hours.

According to Energy Star1
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