Need a New Air Conditioner?

Get a Professional Engineered Installation We’ve been combining comfort with innovation and professional skill with technology for decades.  We’ll be here to serve you when you need us.

Commercial air conditioners are a critical component to your business’s comfort and cooling needs and plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of your company.

Your property’s air conditioning unit maintains a comfortable working environment for employees, clients, guests, and tenants. At ECM, we understand the importance of a well-functioning commercial air conditioner. We install and replace commercial air conditioners in buildings all sizes, including:

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants/Catering facilities
  • Municipal & public buildings
  • Condominiums & apartment complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Shopping malls
  • And more!

Benefits of a New A/C System

If you’re in the market for a new AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, you can trust the professionals at ECM to provide you with honest advice as your A/C SYSTEM ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR. Our system design and energy solution specialists have the training and experience to design a high performance high efficiency system. Our system specialist will successfully guide you through the entire process of selecting and installing the perfect system for your home. We understand building mechanical and zoning codes and can help make sure the system you choose delivers all the benefits you want while remaining in compliance with the law.

Our Technology, Dedication and

Expertise are Leagues Ahead of the Competition

Let ECM Recommend The Perfect A/C System

Even if your current air conditioning system is still operational, upgrading to a new high performance, high efficiency system has the potential to transform the way you cool your building or business, delivering improved energy efficiency and improved air quality and comfort, plus tons of other benefits.

Air Conditioning Engineering

At ECM we understand that your tenants and shoppers expect a comfortable environment—cool in the summer and warm in the winter while properly controlling the buildings comfort humidity and fresh air supply. If you are looking for a TOTAL PERFORMANCE PACKAGE in your new air conditioning system then you have come to the right place. Our reputation has been earned by exceeding our customers expectations. Our professional staff will design, engineer and install a TOTAL COMFORT SYSTEM for your home, building, shopping mall or office that will perform at maximum efficiency. With total attention to occupant comfort.

30% More Efficient — What We Do!

At ECM, we pride ourselves on the ability to maximize your building’s energy efficiency, improving comfort and health while reducing your buildings impact on the environment. At ECM, we don’t just replace air conditioners, we install engineered energy solutions designed for maximum efficiency, maximum performance, improved air distribution and years of worry-free reliability.

Engineered Installations

Our engineered installation will maximize your equipment’s efficiency and provide guaranteed comfort and health at the lowest costs. Our engineered solutions start with a comprehensive building survey and energy assessment. It will allow us to match the right equipment for your building based on location, heat load demand, length of ductwork and air distribution requirements and occupancy requirements. Your new air conditioner SEER rating and your buildings comfort and humidity control are totally dependent on the quality of the installation. Your ductwork will require modifications and balance to assure proper airflow, humidity control and efficiency.

Building Survey and Energy Assessment

Our building assessment is an inspection for the purpose of identifying ways to conserve energy, increase comfort, improve indoor air quality and provide all necessary information to engineer the right system.

To talk to a qualified commercial HVAC professional, give us a call or complete our easy-to-use form. Contact us today to get started on your commercial air conditioner replacement and installation!

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