What Is the Average Price for Central Air?

The average price for central air is $1,700 for low-cost projects, $11,000 for high-cost projects, and a median price range of roughly $6,000. Factors that affect the price of central air installation are the brand of the air conditioner, labor and installation costs, additional ductwork, and repair costs. For large homes with complex ductwork, the cost for central air installation can cost beyond $10,000.

DIY central air installation should be avoided. Handling refrigerant chemicals requires the expertise of an HVAC contractor who is licensed in your state. Furthermore, hiring an HVAC professional ensures that the installation is done correctly.

Cost of Central Air Conditioner

The price of a brand new air conditioner varies depending on the brand and features you need. Installation costs also vary depending on the unit you buy. On average, you can expect to find an air conditioning unit from a brand like Payne, Aire-Flo, or Coleman for below $2,000. For high-end units from brands like American Standard, Lennox, and Carrier, you should expect to pay around $4,000.

The type of air conditioner can also affect the price. For example, window air conditioners are the cheapest. Installation will not cost above $500. Meanwhile ductless split system units can be expensive to install, but not as expensive as a central system.

If you want to calculate the average price for central air by square foot of your home, the price range per 1,200 square feet is roughly $4,000. Ductwork installation, repair costs, and the SEER rating of the AC unit contribute to the pricing of central air installation.

Furthermore, to calculate the BTU capacity per square foot of your home, first determine the square footage of the room, or of your entire home. Square footage is calculated by multiplying length by width. In irregularly shaped rooms, first multiply the length and width of the room, and then divide the result by 2.

Next, refer to a chart that you can find in air conditioner stores that tell you the size of AC unit you will need. Professional assistance may be required. On average, air conditioner BTUs per square foot is between 14 to 26 BTU capacity.

Condensing units’ BTUs per hour range between 18,000 and 60,000. Take note that 12,000 BTUs is equal to 1 ton. With that in mind, as an example, a single-stage AC unit with a SEER of 16 costs around $2,000.

Central air conditioner replacement

Central air conditioner replacement can cost around $5,000 to $12,500 for central air conditioner replacement. Labor, disposal, the size of your home, ductwork complexity, and brand can increase or decrease those costs. To save money, many homeowners look into air conditioner repair costs before trying to replace the entire central air conditioner. Repair can cost roughly $350.

Before you buy

When calculating the average price for central air, it is wise to consider getting a quality central air conditioner with the efficiency, size, and features that you need. You should also hire a qualified, licensed, insured, certified, and bonded AC contractor to ensure that the unit is properly installed.

Be sure to shop around for different brands from different stores and compare HVAC repair estimates from different companies to find fair and competitive pricing.

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