Water Heater Replacement Cost

Water heater replacement cost can vary widely because there are many significant factors that go into determining the price. Before hiring a technician or buying a new unit to replace it yourself, it is essential to inform yourself about the cost and other important factors. So, here we go.

The Overall Water Heater Replacement Cost

The cost can be as low as $300, while an advanced unit with complex features can cost you more than $11,000. Most people spend between $800 to $1,500 to replace their water heater at home.

It is mainly the water heater unit itself that defines the overall cost. The price of a water heater unit may vary from as cheap as $240 up to around $6,000. This difference is due to specifications, particularly the energy source and tank system.

Water heaters get their energy from gas, electricity, or solar. The cheapest ones are electric ones, followed by gas, while solar units are the most expensive due to their machine complexity.

However, solar water heater companies usually provide free installation, so you don’t need to bother with labor costs or any other additional cost.

Here is the unit price of a water heater based on its energy source:

● Electric: $240 to $2,000
● Gas: $300 to $3,500
● Solar: $1,000 to $6,000

Water heaters either have a tank or are tankless. Tankless ones are significantly more expensive. But they are much more energy-efficient as they run only as needed. Hence, you can save more on the operational cost in the long run. A tankless water heater can cost around $250 to $3,500 per unit with a conventional energy source (gas and electric):

A tank system is much affordable in terms of the initial cost. But the larger your family, the bigger the tank you need to buy. Some people have to replace their water heater as their family grows. Here are the approximate prices for various tank capacities with a conventional energy source (gas and electric):

● 30 gallons: $170-$900
● 40 gallons: $320-$1,600
● 50 gallons: $400-$2,200
● 75 gallons: $900-$3,000
● 80 gallons: $1,000-$3,000

With such a wide range of costs, it is highly advisable to choose the type and size of the water heater you want to replace with. Don’t forget to check the pros and cons of each type before making any decisions.

The Labor Cost

A licensed technician usually costs about $45 to $100 per working hour. A simple water heater replacement takes about 6 hours. Hence, you might need to spend $300 to $600 for this project.

Additional working hours will be required if there are additional jobs.

You can save a lot of money if you know how to do the job yourself. However, this is not advisable if you have no experience and knowledge about it. If you need professional help, make sure your technician has a license and insurance.

Additional Jobs

Sometimes, replacing a water heater unit may require additional jobs, especially if you are converting from one energy source to another. Here are some possible additional projects and how much they will cost, including the labor cost and parts prices.

● Electrical wiring: $500-$1,500
● Water piping: $350-$1,000
● Gas piping: $250-$800
● Permits: $50-$1,500
● Expansion tanks: $40-$350
● Wall framing: $2-$4 per square foot
● Drywall installation: $500-$700
● Debris removal. $100 to $500

There can be many reasons to replace your water heater. But since the cost may vary significantly, you should determine the specific replacement you would like. Then, ask a few technicians to offer you some quotes.

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