Cost to Install New AC Unit Factors

Summer season can make people feel sweaty and sticky even if they are fresh out of the shower. Having electric fans inside your home is never enough to cool you down. However, installing an air conditioning system can solve your sweaty problems.

The only problem with installing air conditioners is that the price of purchasing one and having it installed may knock you out cold. With air conditioners ranging from a few hundred bucks to whopping thousands of dollars, it is important to know that an AC unit’s price tag is not the only thing that needs to be considered.

Factors Affecting Cost to Install New AC Unit

The price of an air conditioning unit can vary due to the different factors that affect it. You have to consider the unit’s price itself and the amount it costs to have it installed, maintained, and of course, getting some parts replaced in the long run.

With this in mind, knowing what affects an AC’s installation price tag is important.

● Type

In general, there are three air conditioning systems; portable unit, split-type system, and ducted system. Each type has a significant difference from the others and is used depending on the house or room size.

With the portable ones being the easiest and cheapest to install due to their small size and wattage, split-type and ducted systems tend to be more expensive. To put it simply, the more complicated and hassle the installation process is, the more expensive it gets.

For split systems, the cost could range from $600 to $3,000; connecting and mounting the outdoor and indoor units can take a few hours. Plus, running the pipes and wiring through the walls of your home is a complex job to do. However, duct systems are the most expensive, which can cost from $5,000 to $10,000. It is the priciest since the AC is connected through a series of ducts integrated into the home’s ceiling and wall activity.

● Size

The size can also affect its installation process since it requires more labor and effort. The bigger the room you wish to have the AC installed, the larger the capacity your unit needs to have.

Split systems used in larger rooms require a unit with at least 2.5kW, which means the unit, tends to be bigger, bulkier, and harder to install, whereas duct systems require more ducts, wirings, and pipes to be connected through the walls of your home.

● Additional Services

There are instances wherein technicians will charge more for the installation because some upgrades are necessary. Things such as upgrading the switchboard, installing power points near the AC unit, and connecting more rooms to the centralized unit will attract increased costs.

In some cases, a home’s wirings also need to be fixed to avoid electrical problems. This type of situation needs a licensed technician and/or electrical engineer to perform the task. Added labor and workforce generally mean more money will be spent on the installation.

The bottom line is that getting an air conditioning system installed can range from $600 to a little over $13,000. Different factors can affect its price like the three mentioned above. Hence, it is important to ask technicians and retailers about the costs involved in installations before buying an AC unit.

It is also just as important to consider the cost of a system’s regular maintenance. Already spending so much on an air conditioner, and the cost to install new AC unit means its installation will make getting licensed technicians to check the unit frequently seems costly and unnecessary. Still, it will surely save you the trouble of getting expensive parts replaced or, worse, having to change the entire system.

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